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Yottskry 001.jpg
Character of series LEXX
Title Divine Cleric under the Divine Order
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Divine Order
From The Cluster
Status Deceased
Additional Info
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Yottskry was a Divine Cleric under the Divine Order, he appeared in Lexx 1.4 "Giga Shadow" along with several other clerics who readied the final Divine Predecessor's brain (the last Divine Shadow) for the Divine Rebirth.


It was expected to be an event that would see the entire Cluster cleansed of human life and the revival of the Giga Shadow, a gigantic insect who remained dormant and secretly fed within the Cluster for centuries.

Yottskry was against the idea of the Giga Shadow destroying the humans, and attempted to halt the Divine Rebirth, along with another cleric. Yottskry was killed when another cleric threw a knife, stabbing him in the aorta.

He was resurrected when a secretion of the Giga Shadow, known as Protoblood, dripped upon his face. Soon after he touched the damaged brain of the Divine Shadow and the Insect Essence possessed his body, forcing him to merge with the Giga Shadow, however Yottskry even in death continued to defy the Divine Shadow by allowing Kai and Squish access to the inside of the Giga Shadow and using his abilities to repel the corrupting black cloud of the insect essence. Eventually the Divine Shadow proved to be much too strong for Yottsrky and his death was made permanent.


  • What kind of fresh hell is this? (Yottskry)


  • Theme Music: Along with the other clerics of the Divine Order, "Cleric Theme" from the Tales from a Parallel Universe soundtrack can be considered Yottskry's theme.

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