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Episode of series LEXX
Title Xevivor
Season 4
Episode 05
Aired Aug 10, 2001
Directed by Christoph Schrewe
Written by Jeffrey Hirschfield
Actors Lexx staff
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Xevivor is the 5 episode of 4 season of the TV series "Lexx".

The episode aired on Aug 10, 2001 on the Sci-Fi Channel in the USA.

The script for the episode was written by Jeffrey Hirschfield. The director of the episode were Christoph Schrewe.


Xev, popular from her exploits in prison, is asked to do a show where guys compete for a night with her. But the show is cut short when the men disappear. Xev and Stan realize their days are numbered if they stay on the island.


790 attempts to kill Stan and Xev, by designing the TV gameshow "Xevivor", to be played on island Zig Zig, which he knows to be infested with ruthless carrot probes. The prize for the survivor of Xevivor is Xev. Stan gets entered as a "wildcard" contestant by 790, to compete against beefcakes. As the TV crew and contestants get turned into carrot zombies, Farley, the producer is largely concerned with his possible homosexuality.

Meanwhile at Dr. Longbore's space lab, Tina tries to seduce Kai, while showing him pictures from Transylvania.


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