Wist 001
Character of series LEXX
Title Infected citizen
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation  ?
From Klaagia
Status Dead
Additional Info
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Wist was originally a citizen of the planet Klaagia until an evil race of parasitic creatures called "Satellite Worms" invaded the planet and took over everyone's mind.


The queen Satellite Worm found Wist and scanned her body to later use as her own and left her alive for unknown reasons, Wist took the opportunity to find the Queen and kill her so that the few remaining people of Klaagia would be normal again.

In episode Eating Pattern Wist first appears in an open ventilation shaft in the butcher's building on Klaagia, she rescues Stanley Tweedle from being butchered himself but quickly kisses him, immediately infecting his brain with a satellite worm parasite.

Wist manipulates Stan throughout their acquaintance, it is through him that she learns there are two other "fresh" people on Klaagia, and that he is the captain of the Lexx. Wist uses Stan to take her and Bog to the makeshift burial site of Kai, only to find that he is not there. Wist has Stan take her aboard the Lexx and plans to use it in order to travel to the furthest reaches of the universe, spreading more satellite worms around various planets.

Eventually Kai comes across an old computer with an entry left by the original Wist, she claims that many of Klaagia's population was reduced because of the invading Satellite Worms and that the Queen Satellite Worm is controlling them all. A Wist clone arrives and asks Kai if he likes her, followed up by another clone. Kai reaches Bog's game room only to be decapitated, but reassembles himself and decapitates Wist, sending her head flying into the Pit.

Kai dives into the pit after Wist and is confronted by a giant clone of Zev, whom he promptly attacks using his grappling weapon. The clone is apparently surprised by this and remarks by asking "you would kill me?" to which Kai responds, "Everything dies sometime." Kai kills the Zev clone, immediately spawning a giant Wist clone that escapes the underground of Klaagia and heads after the Lexx. Giant Wist climbs onto the Lexx and penetrates it with an army of invading satellite worms. Kai shoots the giant clone in the head with his weapon, and Stan commands the Lexx to blow up Klaagia, destroying Wist and the satellite worms once and for all.


  • Do you like me? (Wist to Kai)
  • You would kill me? (Wist as Zev)

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  • The character of Wist was played by Doreen Jacobi
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