Fellow prisoner and slave of Mantrid.
Vital Information
Title Prisoner
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Mantrid
From Mantrid's World
Status Dead
Additional Info
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  • Deceased, killed by a Mantrid Drone
Viggo (sometimes spelled Vigl or Vigo) is the attendant of Mantrid. His only appearance is in Lexx 2.1 "Mantrid". He exhibits an unusual affection towards Mantrid.

VIGGO: I don't want to be alone
MANTRID: When I die you will be alone
VIGGO: I will die then too
MANTRID: Don't be a fool
VIGGO: Mantrid, I cannot live without you
MANTRID: You're being sentimental, my friend
VIGGO: Mantrid, please!
MANTRID: Viggo - I like you. I've enjoyed some of the time I've spent with you. But I don't love you. I don't love anyone
(Viggo runs away, sobbing)

Viggo kisses Kai on the forehead after serving food to Zev. Mantrid also calls Viggo a "castrato", which could explain some of his behavior. He is presumably a child molester or killer (While tormenting him, Mantrid refers to him as being the 'definition of vile' for some undefined act commited on 'so many beautiful little boys', to which Viggo responds in a pleading voice 'Yes, so many beautiful little children, I could not help myself, I must not live another minute'). He also wears a large septum piercing in his nose, which may be a symbolism of his servitude to Mantrid.

Viggo was killed by Mantrid by commanding a Mantrid Drone to use a knife, just moments before the Lexx destroyed Mantrid's World.

Additional informationEdit

  • Viggo is a subservient slave to Mantrid, similar to how Igor was a servant to the mad scientist Dr. Frankenstein.
  • The character of Viggo is played by actor Holger Kunkel. He also played the character Boork in Lexx 1.4 "Eating Pattern", however it is not believed that the characters were reincarnated forms of each other.

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