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The Key
Stanley Tweedle 006.jpg
Stan receives the Key
Object of series LEXX
Type Device
Effects Ability to control The Lexx
Location The Lexx
Size 1.5m
Status Fine
Additional Info
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The Key is a mystical essence that gives its possessor the ability to control The Lexx. It is best described as a symbiotic, living energy wave that can only exist inside a living person. Only one person can possess the Key at a time.

For the episode with the same name, see The Key (episode).


The key used by Stan throughout the series is actually a copy that the Ostral-B heretics had made for them (at the cost of millions of lives) by bio-code experts. Originally carried by Thodin on a mission to steal The Lexx, Stan unknowingly obtains it when he stands near Thodin's lieutenant at the moment the lieutenant is eaten by a Cluster Lizard.

Methods of transfer

The key can be passed to others only during moments of extreme emotion such as being brought to "the height of sexual ecstasy" or at the moment of the Key holder's death (or near-death). While it is passed to several other characters during the run of the show, Stan always manages to get it back.

Kai explains in Lexx 3.12 "The Key" that the experience of death coincided with an intense moment of sexual rapture. This method is used by Prince to obtain the Key from Stan in the same episode, whilst using the form of Xev.

Thodin was the first and only character in the entire Lexx series shown to be able to willingly transfer the Key to another person (his lieutenant). In Thodin's case he had not yet engaged Kai in a fight and so he was not nearing death. Since then, there has been no other character shown with the ability to willingly release the Key.


The Key is transferred between characters in the following episodes:

  • Lexx 1.1 "I Worship His Shadow" -- transferred from Thodin to his heretic comrade, then to Stanley
  • Lexx 2.2 "Terminal" -- transferred from Stanley to Zev, (almost to Dr. Kazan but not fully), then back to Stanley
  • Lexx 3.8 "The Key" -- transferred from Stanley to Prince (in Xev's image), then back to Stanley
  • Lexx 3.12 "The Beach" -- transferred from Stan to Xev, and then back to Stan.
  • Lexx 4.03 "P4X" -- Prince tries to kill Stan to get the Key, but it transfers to Digby instead. During his escape attempt, Digby dies and the Key returns to Stan.
  • Lexx 4.09 "Fluff Daddy" -- transferred from Stanley to Lyekka in sexual ecstasy. Lyekka is killed by Vlad, but the Key transfers to one of the Moth breeders.
  • Lexx 4.13 "769" -- transferred from Moth breeder to Bunny after killing half of them to find it. However, Bunny and Priest have sex and the Key transfers back into another Moth breeder.
  • Lexx 4.17 "Dutch Treat" -- trying to get the Key back, Bunny and Priest kill the remaining Moth breeders because it transfers repeatedly to other Moth breeders. Finally the Key transfers back to Bunny after killing a final Moth breeder. Zev makes out with Bunny to try to get the Key, but it transfers back to Stanley.

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