File:Original Lexx Promo - "The Dark Zone"

The Dark Zone is a short 3-minute promo reel for the series that eventually evolved into Lexx. The reel was produced by Salter Street Productions and starred Brian Downey as Stanley Tweedle. The reel is basically an earlier version of the scene in 1.1 "I Worship His Shadow" in which Tweedle gets in trouble after refusing to allow the prisoner transport with an incorrect code. Noticeable differences include:

  • The Cluster appears more like a Blade Runner-esque megacity planet.
  • Stanley's uniform is grey instead of red.
  • The robots are more humanoid, but coloured almost completely black with glowing red eyes.
  • The commander of the prisoner transport is male (played by Jeremy Akerman).
  • The officer who relieves Tweedle is played by a different actor.
  • Tweedle is to be sent to Correction Centre 5 instead of 40.
  • Stanley's farewell to the officer is somewhat reworded and extended: "May His Divine Shadow fall upon me- uh, you. *laughs* 'Merciful Shadow...'"

The promo is noticeably different from the original as production values were much cheaper at the time and the promo was shot in order to show to potential investors. The CGI work, in particular, is noticeably below the standard set by the series. The show was picked up as a Canadian/German co-production and finally given the name Lexx, after head writer Lex Gigeroff.