The Dark Lady is the principal rival of the Wozzard on the planet Woz, at the outer edges of the former Divine Order. As seen in the episode, the Dark Lady controls a Lusticon, a machine which is used to transform women into Love Slaves, resculpting their bodies in the process. The Dark Lady uses it to transform her followers into beautiful women. However, she suffers from severe cranial deformities and for some unknown reason, the Lustikkon will not work on her. She is devoted to confering physical perfection denied to her, upon others. She is opposed by the Wozzard, who advocates inner beauty and despises what he claims is false physical enhancement. The Dark Lady's power is undone when the Wozzard sends Kai after her. But Kai refuses to kill or harm the Dark Lady. Instead, the Wozzard destroys them both with a suicide vest, their followers having been all wiped out, the planet left apparently barren. Immediately before her own death, the Dark Lady expresses nothing but contempt for the Wozzard, who she sees as a hypocrite.


  • The episode Woz is a distorted version of the Wizard of Oz, so the Dark Lady is essentially the Wicked Witch. But despite this, and despite the Wozzard's description, the Dark Lady is a fairly sympathetic and altruistic character in the end.
  • The Dark Lady is played by actress Lenore Zann.