“I don't think I have to go that badly” — Tad
Vital statistics
Title Misguided teenager
Gender Male
Race Human
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Status Deceased

History Edit

Tad was a human adolescent traveling to a space camp with four other friends. It was his idea for everyone put themselves into suspended animation while setting a "Wake-up signal", a signal when picked up by another ship would transmit a signal back to the shuttle, waking the teens up. The plain failed, and the teens remained asleep for 300 years until their signal was picked up by the Lexx while traversing the Light Universe.

Season 2 Edit

Tad is discovered by Xev to be still asleep in their Cryo-Units aboard their adrift shuttle. Tad is welcomed onto the Lexx along with the other teens, and rekindles his old flame with Kanana before seeing an interest in Xev. Tad tries going all the way with Kanana but she says that she isn't ready (despite the fact that they have been together for over two centuries). Frustrated Tad seeks Xev in her room and consults her on his problem, not long into the conversation Tad declares "to hell with Kanana" and forces himself on Xev only to storm off to the lavatory in a huff after having Kanana walk in on them. Tad tries communicating with an angry Kanana while on the toilet and apologizes (unknowing that Kanana has actually become friends with Xev). The toilet next to him begins making strange gurgling noises and a corrupted Kai emerges from the John to kill Tad in a manner fitting that of a slasher movie.

Trivia Edit

  • Tad was most likely the leader of the group or at least recognized as being the leader while Enox was not, which may explain Enox's rebellious attitude towards Tad and everyone else.
  • Tad is the first teen out of the group to be killed by Kai.
  • The whole premise of "Wake the Dead" is very reminiscent of movies from the nineteen-eighties slasher genre, like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Additional Information Edit

The character of Tad was played by Canadian actor Andrew Bush

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