Squeeze Pimmel
Squeeze Pimmel of B1B
Vital statistics
Title Production line worker
Gender Female
Race Human
From B1B in the Light Universe
Status Deceased
  • Sentenced to termination. Brain to be used in 790 and other robotic drones.

Squeeze Pimmel was a human waitress/hostess (a production line worker) that worked at a bar on planet B1B in a dead-end job serving drinks to Divine Clerics of the Divine Order.

At one point she is serving a table with an older and a younger cleric at it. When the younger cleric appears to flirt with her, she decides to take the chance and make a play for him in order to better her status, exposing her breasts. Unfortunately, it was actually the older cleric who had actually touched her under the table. The younger cleric turns her in, and she is transported on Prison ship 58K603 to the Cluster for her trial and sentencing. There she is found guilty of making inappropriate advances to a cleric in the service of the divine order and exposing her body in public. Her sentence is to have her "individual life terminated" but to allow her "vital organs to live on as components in the making of robotic drones". A portion of her brain is made into the brain cube that became a part of 790.


  • Squeeze Pimmel appears in the "Rated: Lexx", a short segment of additional video footage and story details prepared for the American Sci-Fi Channel, but never aired. It was eventually released as a DVD extra.
  • Although the video footage depicts her on the same numbered prison ship as Zev, it should be assumed that her transport and sentencing occurred before the events of Lexx 1.1 "I Worship His Shadow".
  • Pimmel is the German word for willy/Penis.

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