Ep222 Gerry Wolff - Snik
Ep219 Gerry Wolff - Snik

Snik was an inhabitant of Klaagia who, like the other inhabitants, was addicted to a substance known as pattern.  Snik was an older, bearded man who referred to himself in third person and had a habit of repeating words several times in a row.  His mind appeared to be heavily deteriorated and he also seemed to be near the bottom of the social pecking order on Klaagia.  Snik encountered Zev and captured her, and attempted to trade her for pattern.  The doorman, who did not at first believe that anyone 'clean' was on the planet, instructed Snik to cut off Zev's head and bring it back, but the doorman and Bork betrayed Snik and took Zev from Snik's living area.  They then locked Snik in the room so that Snik's satellite worm, deprived of pattern, would consume his brain.  After Snik's worm killed him, the doorman and Bork attempted to make more pattern from Snik's corpse.