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Slinka & Yoyo
Slinka & Yoyo 001.jpg
Slinka & Yoyo
Character of series LEXX
Title Slinka & Yoyo
Gender Female
Race Droid
Affiliation TV World
From Lafftrak
Status Dead
Additional Info
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Slinka & Yoyo were two of several robots who appeared as regulars on the formulaic shows of TV World In Episode 2.05 "Lafftrak".


They interacted with visitors for the purposes of generating entertainment. Visitors would be promoted or demoted according to the reactions of a live audience made up of disembodied heads. When visitors were demoted too many times, they would join the studio audience and their bodies might be recycled to be controled by robots heads and appear in future shows.

  • Slinka: "I am Slinka,"
  • Yoyo: "And I am Yoyo,"
  • Slink & Yoyo: "We need a new roommate!"

New Roommate

  • Slinka and Yoyo appear as two young women living together in an apartment, desperately seeking a male roommate all the while trying to keep it a secret from their mean landlord Mr. Beetle; a situational comedy with obvious similarities to the 1970's "Three's Company". Stanley Tweedle chooses this TV Show to star on first and gets poor ratings from the audience because he gets flustered around pretty girls.

Medical Drama

  • After failing prime-time Television, Stan cast as a doctor in the soap-opera Heartbreak Hospital. Slinka and Yoyo return as a terminally-ill patient and Nurse respectively. Stan also goofs this show up when he tries flirting with Slinka and gets tongue-tied when "the Wife" shows up.

Daytime Talk Show

  • 790 appears as the host of his own talk show and Slinka appears as a buxom actress proclaiming she has "nice breasts".

Spin the wheel game show

  • Yoyo appears as a panelist on this show but appears to be malfunctioning since she continually bobs forward and backward pressing the buzzer.

Specialty Show

  • Slinka and Yoyo return yet again for another show titled "Specialty Show". The two automatons act as guards for the warden; "Liggum" who promptly marks and decapitates the "scumbags" who fail to gather good ratings from the audience, making said victim a permanent audience member themselves.


  • The set up of "New Roommate" is identical to "Three's Company", both involving plots where two females live with a male roommate and try hiding it from their suspicious landlord.
  • Slinka & Yoyo's names are taken from popular children's toys; the "slinky" and the "yo-yo".

Additional Information

  • The Characters of Slinka and Yoyo were played by Barbara Schmied and Sandra Keller respectively.
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