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In the fourth and final season of 24 episodes, debuting in the USA on July 13, 2001 on the American Sci-Fi Channel, the Lexx arrives at Earth in the early 21st century, only to find that Prince, now named Isambard Prince, and somehow head of the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms), which more or less runs the United States and several other old adversaries have also arrived there. Between them, Prince and the Lexx manage to demolish large chunks of the Earth Orlando, Florida; Ottawa (a Canadian metonymical in-joke);Tokyo, the Amazon Rainforest, and Holland, which the Lexx eats — before the climactic final episode, televised on 26 April 2002.
The "Lexx" is responsible for the destruction of Fire, Water, Pluto, Mars, Venus, and lastly Earth. Also, Priest, the President of the United States, manages to destroy Cuba, Newfoundland, and Vietnam via thermonuclear bombs. (Salter Street Films. LEXX Season IV - Synopsis)

List of episodes

Little Blue Planet

Episode: 4.01
Title: Little Blue Planet
Transcript: Little Blue Planet (transcript)
Aired: Jul 13, 2001
Directed by: Paul Donovan
Written by: Paul Donovan
Short Summary: Begins with Guglielmo Marconi|Marconi in Colony of Newfoundland|Newfoundland 1901 and his trans-Atlantic communication attempt. This strong radio emission attracts the attention of another alien ship way outside the Milky Way. Arriving at Earth, Stanley H. Tweedle starts negotiating with the president, who is using cue cards to cope with alien first contact. They are not adequate to cope with Stan's idiotic presumptions and sexual desires. Isambard Prince, head of the ATF, initiates a plan to attack the Lexx using Russian psycho killers aboard a space shuttle. Prince's old crony from planet Fire, Priest, is elected president, and Lexx eats a large chunk of the Amazon Rainforest.

Texx Lexx

Episode: 4.02
Title: Texx Lexx
Transcript: Texx Lexx (transcript)
Aired: Jul 20, 2001
Directed by: Chris Bould
Written by: Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff
Short Summary: Prince heads towards Lexx in a shuttle. Kai and Xev head to Earth in a moth, which is attacked by stealth fighters. The battle is monitored by a SETI team headed by Dr Longbore (a reincarnation of the Wozzard, from season 2), who embraces Kai, and details him on the Earth's imminent demise due to Higgs Boson research. Stan has to deal with Prince on the Lexx, and the machinations of 790. Xev encounters a romantic Texan boy who wants to marry her before he can have sex, but all his friends want a crack, too, so he has to kill them all. Xev gets arrested and handcuffed for murder.


Episode: 4.03
Title: P4X (episode)
Transcript: P4X (transcript)
Aired: Jul 27, 2001
Directed by: Chris Bould
Written by: Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff
Short Summary: Xev is admitted to a local Texan jail, where they do things mighty strange. The wardens' goth daughter Lomea (in a wonderful reprise of her role from the 2nd Season episode 'Twilight') abducts attractive people from around the jail, and puts them on her P4X pirate internet show. Xev becomes a star with her loveless love slave story, and later in a sex show with other abductees. Meanwhile, Stanley is pinned high on a wall in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms|ATF, alongside psychopathic schoolboy, Digby, divulging all the secrets of the key to the Lexx. Prince tries to get the key, but doesn't realise that Digby has his own plans, and his own weapons. Hattie Hayridge and Craig Charles cameo.

Stan Down

Episode: 4.04
Title: Stan Down
Transcript: Stan Down (transcript)
Aired: Aug 3, 2001
Directed by: Colin Bucksey
Written by: Lex Gigeroff, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: Goaded by the first lady, Priest does a deal with Stan to kill Prince, but ends up wiping out Orlando, Florida. In a plan to "save the presidency", he blames Cuba, but Prince isn't convinced, so organises a trip down Dealey Plaza to drill home the importance of loyalty, having the first lady sniped in a scene styled as a pastiche of the Zapruder film. Genevieve G Rota is elected pope, randomly from a real estate guide. A cat becomes possessed by a carrot.


Episode: 4.05
Title: Xevivor (episode)
Transcript: Xevivor (transcript)
Aired: Aug 10, 2001
Directed by: Christoph Schrewe
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield
Short Summary: 790 attempts to kill Stan and Xev, by designing the TV game "Xevivor", to be played on island Zig Zig, which he knows to be infested with ruthless carrot probes. The prize for the survivor of Xevivor is Xev. Stan gets entered as a "wildcard" contestant by 790, to compete against beefcakes. As the TV crew and contestants get turned into carrot zombies, Farley (reincarnated Schlemmi, from Season 2, and Fifi, from season 3), the producer is largely concerned with his possible homosexuality. Meanwhile at Longbore's space lab, Tina tries to seduce Kai, while showing him pictures from Transylvania.

The Rock

Episode: 4.06
Title: The Rock
Transcript: The Rock (transcript)
Aired: Aug 17, 2001
Directed by: Stephen Reynolds
Written by: Lex Gigeroff, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: Stan goes to Newfoundland to inspect his loyal subjects, but they spit in his face because he is a duplicate of "Brud", the village shyster. Brud figures this out pretty quickly, and takes on the role of Stanley, meeting Bunny, who had been sent there to seduce Stan. Bunny cradles his rock, but Brud leaves for Lexx anyway, taking all her money. He attempts to seduce Xev using a bad rendition of Greensleeves on his portable keyboard. 790 pushes him off the command deck. Meanwhile Stan is lynched, and Kai plays the tavern pianoman, with endless variations of "Yo Way Yo". Prince sets Priest up with Bunny as his new trophy wife whom Prince knows will be less trouble than the previous first lady. Priest nukes Newfoundland.

Walpurgis Night

Episode: 4.07
Title: Walpurgis Night
Transcript: Walpurgis Night (transcript)
Aired: Aug 24, 2001
Directed by: Colin Bucksey
Written by: Tom de Ville, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: Kai needs to go to Transylvania to explore his curiosity. In the tavern, they bump into bats, superstitious villagers, Van Helsing, and 3 goth girls. They are invited to the castle for the Walpurgis feast, which is hosted by a British actor playing Dracul. Stan has "dead thing pie". Kai is trapped in a spiked coffin by Grenfield, the owner. The goth girls do various things to Xev and Stan, and then stamp on Dracul's plastic teeth. Stan incites a riot back at the tavern. The castle is stormed, and Dracul is killed (ex contract). The goths wake Vlad with a sample of protoblood. Lionel Jeffries appears in this episode in his final role.


Episode: 4.08
Title: Vlad (episode)
Transcript: Vlad (transcript)
Aired: Sep 7, 2001
Directed by: Christoph Schrewe
Written by: Tom de Ville, Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff
Short Summary: Stan gets an urge to revisit Transylvania. As their slave, he takes the goth sisters back to Lexx, where they steal all Kai's protoblood for Vlad. 790 removes the parablood from Stan, and Kai goes back to Earth to face the divine executioner. Their fight ends up back on Lexx, where Vlad bites Xev and Stan. However, Xev is not affected by parablood and successfully pushes Vlad into the cryo unit.

Fluff Daddy

Episode: 4.09
Title: Fluff Daddy
Transcript: Fluff Daddy (transcript)
Aired: Sep 14, 2001
Directed by: Chris Bould
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: Prince lures the crew down to Earth. Bunny is told to have sex with Stan. On Bunny's porn video, Stan notices Lyekka (Loo Loo), and tries to get close to her by being the new fluffer. Prince shows Xev the mortal Kai, who is an actor who really suffers for his art, injecting staples into his feet and sleeping on the stage. He wants celibacy until his show has run (2 – 6 months). Xev eats him anyway, in a fit of cluster lizard hormones. Stan uses Prince and the ATF to access Lyekka. Using her movie "Oval Orifice" as a way to steal the key from Stanley, both Loo Loo and her director go to the Lexx, and releases Vlad. Stan is arrested for theft, and sent to a loony bin.

Magic Baby

Episode: 4.10
Title: Magic Baby
Transcript: Magic Baby (transcript)
Aired: Sep 28, 2001
Directed by: Colin Bucksey
Written by: Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff
Short Summary: After escaping from the clutches of the asylum, the crew meet Uther, who gives them a lift to the space shuttle. Back on Lexx, Uther works his magic on Xev, only to be interrupted by Vlad coming out of the cryo unit. Uther is converted to a slave, and Xev is executed. Vlad proceeds to suck the life out of Kai, and then Stan gets up the courage to kill Vlad using the druid's staff. Stan then patches up Xev's body the best he can.

A Midsummer's Nightmare

Episode: 4.11
Title: A Midsummer's Nightmare
Transcript: A Midsummer's Nightmare (transcript)
Aired: Oct 24, 2001
Directed by: Carl Harvey
Written by: Jon Spira, Andrew Selzer, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: Loosely based upon A Midsummer Night's Dream. Stan and Kai take Xev's beautiful corpse down to the feast of Morgath because Uther vaguely promised that the dead could be risen. There, Oberon recognises the Red Fool, and The Dark man, and dominates the proceedings; attempting to marry Xev for 1500 years. Kai is turned into a joyful singing tree. Xev refuses Oberon, so he turns to Stan, who also refuses him after he realises that Oberon wants 1500 years of back door sex. Titania saves them by tricking Oberon into marrying her/him for eternity.

Bad Carrot

Episode: 4.12
Title: Bad Carrot
Transcript: Bad Carrot (transcript)
Aired: Oct 31, 2001
Directed by: Colin Bucksey
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield
Short Summary: The carrot probes invade US supermarkets, and leading scientists analyse how the carrots penetrate their hosts. The Whitehouse is overcome, so Prince, Priest, and Bunny flee to the Lexx, accidentally taking a carrot with them. 790 sides with the carrot to eliminate everyone but Kai. Prince teaches him Chess, and offers a wager. Kai demonstrates his increasing cynicism about 790 and works out what is going on.


Episode: 4.13
Title: 769
Transcript: 769 (transcript)
Aired: Feb 8, 2002
Directed by: Colin Bucksey
Written by: Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff
Short Summary: On Lexx, Xev and Stan threaten to kill Prince, but they can't do it, and Kai runs out of protoblood. 790 has the agenda of obtaining a body, so he helps Prince and Priest strangle half the moth breeders to get the key to the Lexx. Back on Earth he is attached to the body of a moth breeder, and he selects a penis from one of America's finest. Bunny is given orders to kill the crew of the Lexx, but she can't do it. Prince returns to Lexx, and almost kills Stan and Xev. Bunny loses the key to the Lexx by having sex with Priest. Prince is killed for the first time.

Prime Ridge

Episode: 4.14
Title: Prime Ridge
Transcript: Prime Ridge (transcript)
Aired: Feb 15, 2002
Directed by: Christoph Schrewe
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield
Short Summary: The crew buy a house in Prime Ridge, using money from ATMs that 790 rigs for them. Xev's cooking is atrocious, Kai doesn't like his new fridge, and after a day they get bored of TV. Xev gets a job at CJD Meat Products as a counsellor (as a way to get sex), where she meets Cleesby. Stan reckons he's got a chance to get it on with the realtor, and her daughter Picolina gets in on the action. Kai starts running out of protoblood, gives druggies all the money, and starts acting as high as they are. Everyone is a gun wielding psycho, and the episode ends in a massive shootout; S.W.A.T ruins the lawn, bullet holes line the walls, Cleesby and Picolina decide sex is better than shooting each other, and the druggies take off in the moth, leaving the gang no option but to use the neighbor's car for a getaway. Features Britt Ekland as the realtor, "Dulcibella Sternflanks".


Episode: 4.15
Title: Mort (episode)
Transcript: Mort (transcript)
Aired: Feb 22, 2002
Directed by: Christoph Schrewe
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: Derived from Bride of Re-Animator|Bride of Re-animator. Fleeing from the authorities, with exhausted Kai in a shopping trolly, Xev and Stan shelter in a funeral parlour run by Mort. Mort is assembling his "unofficial" girlfriend, Deedee, from spare parts. He rejects Xev's breasts only on blood type, and becomes fascinated by Kai's protoblood, which Kai readily donates. Xev and Stan show their supreme insensitivity whilst escorting mourners to coffins. On Lexx, 790 will not cooperate because Kai cannot speak. Meanwhile Xev fends off deputy Festus with promises of sex, but she gives him re-animated Deedee instead. Deedee then kills Mort in the name of His Divine Shadow.


Episode: 4.16
Title: Moss (episode)
Transcript: Moss (transcript)
Aired: Mar 1, 2002
Directed by: Stephen Manuel
Written by: Lex Gigeroff, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: On the run Xev, Stan and Kai are abducted by Moss (in a reincarnation from season 2), head of the AFR. Using information from them, he masquerades as Prince, and installs himself as the head of the ATF. Moss has numerous conspiracy theories involving "666", which are totally insane, but largely correct. He then puts the crew on a show trial for being in league with Prince, where he plays all legal roles, then decides to execute them. Prince (residing in his TV set) directs Bunny to read a note to the Idaho AFR, who then ride a moth to the ATF, and shoot all the AFR.

Dutch Treat

Episode: 4.17
Title: Dutch Treat
Transcript: Dutch Treat (transcript)
Aired: Mar 8, 2002
Directed by: Carl Harvey
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield
Short Summary: Lexx is convulsing with starvation, and the crew decide to abandon him, leaving 790 behind as punishment for his latest treachery. They plan to hitch a ride with the Earth ship Noah, that 790 designed. Tina discovers that Ernst Longbore has his own secret plans about who is going onto his ship, and is sniffing the histocompatibily of schoolgirls. Prince re-boards the Lexx. Priest and Bunny shoot nearly every moth breeder to get the key, and then command Lexx to destroy Earth. Lexx only has enough charge to destroy Ottawa, so he eats Holland instead. Xev releases the key from Bunny – the lesbian way -- but Stanley captures it in transit.

The Game

Episode: 4.18
Title: The Game
Transcript: The Game (transcript)
Aired: Mar 15, 2002
Directed by: Paul Donovan
Written by: Paul Donovan
Short Summary: A grippingly executed chess game derived from The Seventh Seal. With the experience of a partially played chess game against Prince in "Bad Carrot", Kai plays for his soul, against the lives of Stan and Xev. He is confident of winning and enters the game willingly, much to Stan and Xev's objection. He plays a game of deception, and bets he can make Prince overconfident. The chess characters are all from Lexx episodes. The icy landscape scenery changes with the mood. Kai wins, but gains nothing.

Haley's Comet

Episode: 4.19
Title: Haley's Comet
Transcript: Haley's Comet (transcript)
Aired: Mar 22, 2002
Directed by: Stephen Manuel
Written by: Lex Gigeroff, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: Out near the orbit of Jupiter, the crew encounter a Russian space pod full of students, whose only agenda is to get onto the Lexx and commandeer it. Except Haley. Haley, with the trust fund, has been conned and used by the rest of them, and thinks she is on a mission against "the corporations". One of the girls has the hots for Kai, so 790 sees his chance to eliminate everybody by manipulating Haley. He guides her to a Black Pack weapon, and drives her into a killing spree – because it feels good.

Apocalexx Now

Episode: 4.20
Title: Apocalexx Now
Transcript: Apocalexx Now (transcript)
Aired: Mar 29, 2002
Directed by: Paul Donovan
Written by: Lex Gigeroff, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: A faint resemblance to Apocalypse Now. Stan wakes the crew to decide whether to destroy the carrot mothership, but is halted by a Lyekka-lookalike. Smitten, and suddenly amenable, Stan agrees that maybe Lyekka can lunch on some of Earth, but only if she negotiates which part, with the "ruler of Earth". President Priest and Pope Giggerota are in Vietnam, being idiotic. The Pope captures Stan and Priest and plays gasoline golf with them. After lookalike-Lyekka eats the Pope, Priest suggests that she eat Japan. As a parting gesture, Priest nukes Vietnam.

Viva Lexx Vegas

Episode: 4.21
Title: Viva Lexx Vegas
Transcript: Viva Lexx Vegas (transcript)
Aired: Apr 5, 2002
Directed by: Chris Bould
Written by: Lex Gigeroff, Jon Spira, Andrew Selzer, Frank McGinn
Short Summary: The crew have to kill a day before the next shuttle flight, so Bunny suggests Las Vegas. Stan is determined to keep a low profile, but sends for two prostitutes – who don't do anything for him. He sends Kai and Xev outside. The Egyptian themed hotel just happens to be storing the mummy of a philosopher poet called Drago, that Kai dispatched ages ago. The mummy goes on a killing spree. We learn that Kai has also killed "the pedantic, and the pseudo intellectual."


Episode: 4.22
Title: Trip
Transcript: Trip (transcript)
Aired: Apr 12, 2002
Directed by: Stephen Manuel
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield
Short Summary: Each planet the crew encounters on their search for a new home appears to be stripped of life. They conclude that it was "Lyekka", but Stan is still convinced that Lyekka has changed her ways. "Lyekka" gives the crew a going away present, which appears to be yummy fruitballs, but ends up being a paranoid psychotic adventure, egged on by 790. The cryo control is wrecked and Kai mentions that he only has "days, a few weeks at best" of protoblood left.

Lyekka vs Japan

Episode: 4.23
Title: Lyekka vs Japan
Transcript: Lyekka vs Japan (transcript)
Aired: Apr 19, 2002
Directed by: Christoph Schrewe, Paul Donovan
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield
Short Summary: Kai and Xev land near where a "Lyekka" asteroid hit near the coast of Japan, and meet the monks of a Buddhist monastery. There, Xev learns of "inner pieces"; her organs nearly harvested by the "Master". A Godzilla-sized Lyekka comes out of the sea and starts devastating Tokyo. Kai slays her, and Lexx blasts the walking asteroid that emerges afterwards. The last few minutes of the episode are prematurely feel-good, as Stan decides to head away from Earth forever.

Yo Way Yo

Episode: 4.24
Title: Yo Way Yo (episode)
Transcript: Yo Way Yo (transcript)
Aired: Apr 26, 2002
Directed by: Paul Donovan
Written by: Paul Donovan
Short Summary: Dr Longbore selects his crew of schoolgirls to go onto Noah with him. But just before he boards, Priest and Bunny take his ride, and he is fried during blastoff. Out of spite, Longbore has left a Higgs boson accelerator to destroy everything. The aliens start tearing into Earth using moon-sized tentacled asteroids. Kai starts towing the accelerator to use it against the aliens, but after Xev, Stan and he leave Earth, 790 destroys it using senile Lexx. Prince grants Kai his mortality, as he tows the accelerator into the main alien asteroid, and collapses it. Kai crashes into the core in almost a shot for shot duplicate of the first time he died and laughs from the irony as the accelerator's Higgs Boson value is determined as 131313... and explodes. Prince appears on the Noah, rejoicing, with Priest kissing his hand in submission. Lexx disintegrates due to extreme old age, and spawns a baby Lexx. Stan and Xev enter the new Lexx, and Stan becomes the new captain. Stan dubs the new Lexx as "Little Lexx", and orders him to find them all a new home. Little Lexx sucks up a floating 790, as they fly away into the unknown galaxy.
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