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The second season, debuting in Canada at December 11, 1998 on the channel Space The Imagination Station, consisted of twenty forty-five-minute episodes with an overall story arc concerning an evil scientist called Mantrid who proceeds to convert all matter in the "light" universe (the Light Zone) into one-armed "Mantrid drones". Mantrid largely succeeds before he is defeated by the Lexx, but not without causing a Big Crunch that results in sending the Lexx through a singularity to an alternate "dark" universe (the Dark Zone).
The second season consisted of twenty 48-minute episodes, with an overall story arc concerning an evil scientist called Mantrid, who attempts to kill everyone by converting the entire mass of the universe into Mantrid drones; flying, self-replicating right robot arms.

List of episodes


Episode: 2.01
Title: Mantrid (episode)
Transcript: Mantrid (transcript)
Aired: Dec 11, 1998
Directed by: Christoph Schrewe
Written by: Paul Donovan
Short Summary: Kai, possessed by His Divine Shadow, leads the crew back to the Light Zone to retrieve an insect larva from the remains of the cluster. The crew then goes to meet Mantrid, former Supreme Biovizier for The Divine Order, in order to convince him to extract protoblood from the insect larva. The ageing Mantrid plans to use the insect's transference organ to transfer himself into a new machine body. Mantrid's besotted assistant transfers Mantrid's essence from his dying body to the machine body. The crew flees to Lexx and attempts to destroy it, but Mantrid's machine escapes.


Episode: 2.02
Title: Terminal
Transcript: Terminal (transcript)
Aired: Dec 18, 1998
Directed by: Srinivas Krishna
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield
Short Summary: Kai is awoken incorrectly, and punctures Stan's heart. After transferring the Key to Zev, they seek assistance at the MedStat, a large medical space hospital. The threat of the Lexx's power encourages the medical staff to help, but it emerges that they wish to take the Lexx and use it for their own ends. This is the last episode to feature Zev.


Episode: 2.03
Title: Lyekka (episode)
Transcript: Lyekka (transcript)
Aired: Dec 25, 1998
Directed by: Stephan Wagner
Written by: Lex Gigeroff, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: The plant-based organism called Lyekka arrives on the Lexx and uses Stanley's dream image of a high school sweetheart to take form. At the same time, 3 astronauts from the planet Potataho run into the Lexx. Lyekka begins to eat them one at a time, allowing them to live out their wildest fantasies before consuming them. After accidentally destroying the astronaut's spaceship Stan offers to take them back to their planet, only to find it destroyed by Drone Arms. First appearance of Xev.


Episode: 2.04
Title: Luvliner
Transcript: Luvliner (transcript)
Aired: Jan 1, 1999
Directed by: Stefan Ronowicz
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: The crew travel to a space brothel, Luvliner. Negotiations break down when Schlemmi, who manages the brothel and has a fetish for robot heads, finds out that the crew has no money. After a little coercion they are allowed in free of charge, only for Schlemmi to call in a bounty hunter and attempt to take over the Lexx for himself.


Episode: 2.05
Title: Lafftrak
Transcript: Lafftrak (transcript)
Aired: Jan 8, 1999
Directed by: Paul Donovan
Written by: Lex Gigeroff
Short Summary: Two planets, Liber and Leester, long ago destroyed each other in a ratings war. The crew discover a small, automated planetoid that is still producing TV programs. Stan is captured on the planet and forced to take part in various shows, and when he consistently fails to amuse the macabre audience he is demoted to increasingly less dignified positions. Eventually, it is discovered that when contestants fail, they are decapitated and their heads are kept alive to be part of the studio audience for all eternity.

Stan's Trial

Episode: 2.06
Title: Stan's Trial
Transcript: Stan's Trial (transcript)
Aired: Jan 15, 1999
Directed by: Srinivas Krishna
Written by: Lex Gigeroff, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: Stan needs release and returns to an old haunt for pleasure; another space brothel. Unbeknownst to him and the crew however the Reform Planets have been searching for Stanley, whom they call "the Arch-Traitor", to put him on trial for the destruction of 100 worlds hostile to His Divine Shadow. The trial seems to be legitimate but the chief prosecutor has her own secret intentions: wanting to torture and execute Stanley.

Love Grows

Episode: 2.07
Title: Love Grows
Transcript: Love Grows (transcript)
Aired: Jan 22, 1999
Directed by: David MacLeod
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield
Short Summary: The episode follows a crew of sleazy space miners – two men and one large woman – who contract a gender-changing and ultimately fatal virus which they then unwittingly share with the crew of the Lexx. While the disease does not affect the external appearance, it changes the genitals and the voice and works on the mind, making men extremely demure and making women into voracious sexual predators. In this episode Stanley Tweedle finally fulfills his dream of having sex with his crewmate Xev Bellringer, although during the encounter their genders are reversed.

White Trash

Episode: 2.08
Title: White Trash
Transcript: White Trash (transcript)
Aired: Jan 29, 1999
Directed by: Chris Bould
Written by: Lex Gigeroff, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: The Golleans, a family of incestuous cannibal Redneck (stereotype)|rednecks, has stowed away on the Lexx. After a night of passion with Sissy Gollean, Stanley Tweedle is caught by the jealous Pa Gollean, who plans to kill Stan until Sissy convinces him to let them get married instead. Pa agrees, and then forces Stan to steer the ship to his home planet Vermal so Pa can get revenge on the remaining inhabitants. Whilst on the planet Kai helps Pa's adopted son Norb escape his unpleasant parents on his real father's space ship – The Charger. Maury Chaykin guest stars as Pa Gollean.


Episode: 2.09
Title: 791 (episode)
Transcript: 791 (transcript)
Aired: Feb 5, 1999
Directed by: Jörg Buttgereit
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: The crew of the Lexx get a distress signal from a crashed ship on an uninhabited planet. Stanley Tweedle refuses to go down to investigate, but Lyekka insists that she needs food, and if she doesn't get it she'll be forced to eat the crew. Lyekka plans to eat any survivors down on the surface, but Xev understandably has some moral qualms about this. Once inside the crashed ship, they find jars containing still-beating hearts and 790 finds a cyborg body with which he hopes to finally consummate his love of Xev. A parody of the 1979 space horror-thriller "Alien".

Wake the Dead

Episode: 2.10
Title: Wake the Dead
Transcript: Wake the Dead (transcript)
Aired: Feb 12, 1999
Directed by: Chris Bould
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield
Short Summary: A group of restless and none-too-intelligent teens comes aboard the Lexx, and after 'partying like stink' one of them accidentally reprograms Kai to become a psychotic killing machine. Kai then sets to work systematically murdering each of the teens, taking an uncharacteristic delight in violence. After hunting and killing his prey one by one Xev and Stan fear they may have to abandon the Lexx forever only to be saved at the last moment when Kai runs out of Protoblood. A parody of teen slasher films.


Episode: 2.11
Title: Nook (episode)
Transcript: Nook (transcript)
Aired: Feb 19, 1999
Directed by: Bill Fleming
Written by: Paul Donovan
Short Summary: Stanley Tweedle isn't interested in exploring, but Xev convinces him to do so, saying that she'll have sex with him if she doesn't find somebody to have sex with on the planet first. Stan agrees, and when they venture to the planet they find an order of monks who profess to have no idea what a woman is. It is a repressive and stagnant place, where the monks copy writings out of ancient books without knowing how to read, so that they will not be corrupted by dangerous ideas. Kai asks their leader, Brother Randor, how they procreate without women, but Brother Randor claims ignorance of such matters. Meanwhile, Xev is stirring up trouble by making sexual overtures to various monks.


Episode: 2.12
Title: Norb (episode)
Transcript: Norb (transcript)
Aired: Feb 26, 1999
Directed by: Paul Donovan
Written by: Paul Donovan
Short Summary: Norb, the adopted son of Pa Gollean (see ep2.08), runs across a giant Candy House Satellite. Suddenly, it's consumed by Mantrid Drones (alternatively, the Candy House Satellite could be bait constructed by the Matrid Drones to trap Norb. It contains a colourful version of the Divine Order emblem), who then begin to chase Norb. Norb barely escapes by ejecting as his Charger is overrun by drones. Lexx and the crew hear his distress call in space and pick him up. Once inside he acts very differently from when previously encountered and suddenly his body comes apart to reveal 5 Mantrid Drones. In the process, Norb/Drones kill 790, crushing the tiny piece of human brain that enabled him to love Xev. The drones also deliver a message from Mantrid: "Let the contest begin". Kai and Xev use Kai's protoblood and a protein regenerator to bring 790 back. The Drones begin to "eat" Lexx and make more drones with his parts. The Lexx must reverse its particle drive to save itself.


Episode: 2.13
Title: Twilight
Transcript: Twilight (transcript)
Aired: Mar 5, 1999
Directed by: Chris Bould
Written by: Paul Donovan, Jeffrey Hirschfield, Lex Gigeroff
Short Summary: When Stanley Tweedle becomes gravely ill, the crew of the Lexx take him to the planet Ruuma. There they encounter a ghastly family: the father, Roada, is a scheming sleazeball, the last vestige of the Divine order, left behind on the planet by his brethren after the death of His Shadow; the mother, Hidea, is a shrew; the daughter, Lomea, is a surly goth teen. Ruuma has the power to bring the dead back to a kind of shambling life, and the many corpses of His Divine Shadow's earlier bodies reside here, constantly trying to break in and devour the family. It was Roada's job to look after the bodies when the Cluster was still in operation, but now he's losing control of the situation and it seems the family won't survive long. The same forces that animate the corpses has an unusual effect on Kai and after Xev is bitten it's up to Lyekka to save the day.

Patches in the Sky

Episode: 2.14
Title: Patches in the Sky
Transcript: Patches in the Sky (transcript)
Aired: Mar 12, 1999
Directed by: David MacLeod
Written by: Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff
Short Summary: Stan is having bad dreams and Xev tells him to do something "mighty" to feel better. Stan accidentally blows up a robot-manned manganese mining planet, after the robot administrator tells him of the Narco-Lounger, that allows people to enter and control their dreams. Fruitcake, a past customer of the Narco-Lounger tells the owner of Narco-World, Gubby, about Patches in the Sky, created by Mantrid's Drones ongoing destruction of the whole universe. The terrible reality of this turns Gubby to drugs. Stan and crew arrive and Stan uses the machine to enter his dreams. Stans dreams turn into nightmares as he dreams of being chased first by the dead robot administrator and then by Giggerota. Xev must enter to save him, while Kai struggles to save them both.


Episode: 2.15
Title: Woz (episode)
Transcript: Woz (transcript)
Aired: Mar 19, 1999
Directed by: David MacLeod
Written by: Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff
Short Summary: When 790 reluctantly reveals that Xev has a built-in expiry date that's only 79 hours away, the Lexx heads to the planet Woz where the only remaining Lusticon, the love-slave transformation device, is. Before they can use it to reset Xev's expiry date, however, Stan and Kai are sucked into a war being waged between the Wozzard and The Dark Lady, each having very different opinions about the morality of the Lusticon. This episode is a parody of the movie "Wizard of Oz".

The Web

Episode: 2.16
Title: The Web
Transcript: The Web (transcript)
Aired: Mar 26, 1999
Directed by: Chris Bould
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: The crew learn that the only way to escape Mantrid is to flee to the Dark Zone. The only remaining portal is at the exact centre of the universe, and Kai warns them that many bizarre and improbable things exist there. A sinister, alien creature captures the Lexx and possesses the ship's hapless captain, Stanley Tweedle. The ship's robot, 790, attempts to alert the crew that something is wrong with Stan, but by now they've all gotten so used to 790 abusing Stan that nobody takes 790's warnings about Stan seriously. The Web tells the story in a relatively straightforward manner, while The Net fills in the background material, explaining various plot threads and introducing others.

The Net

Episode: 2.17
Title: The Net
Transcript: The Net (transcript)
Aired: Apr 2, 1999
Directed by: Chris Bould
Written by: Jeffrey Hirschfield, Paul Donovan
Short Summary: The Net fills in the background material, explaining various plot threads and introducing others from the previous episode, "The Web." The two episodes are very similar and share a large number of scenes, possibly due to budget constraints.


Episode: 2.18
Title: Brigadoom
Transcript: Brigadoom (transcript)
Aired: Apr 9, 1999
Directed by: Bill Fleming
Written by: Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff
Short Summary: As the crew of the Lexx desperately flee Mantrid's army of robot drones, they encounter a strange, floating theater in space. Once they are inside, an elaborate musical production begins that recounts the history of Kai and his people, the Brunnen-G. Kai and Xev both find themselves taking part in the musical: Kai as himself when he was alive, Xev as Kai's unnamed lover. At the episode's end the musical's message of proudly fighting even in the face of sure defeat convinces Stanley Tweedle to join his friends in battle against Mantrid. The inspiration for this episode is the musical Brigadoon (musical)|Brigadoon, where a cursed town only appears one day every hundred years.


Episode: 2.19
Title: Brizon (episode)
Transcript: Brizon (transcript)
Aired: Apr 16, 1999
Directed by: Paul Donovan
Written by: Paul Donovan
Short Summary: In an attempt to fight the Mantrid drones, the crew seek assistance from anyone still alive in the rapidly dwindling universe and conveniently find Brizon, Mantrid's teacher, mentor and predecessor in the role of Supreme Bio-Vizier. Brizon is little more than an engineered, animated corpse, who hijacks Xev's liver, and tries to extort sex from her (hopefully using Stan's penis). He continues his amusing rivalry with Mantrid. His plan to defeat Mantrid involves capturing a working drone arm and activating a code he had previously installed in Mantrid's machine's programming. Mantrid plays dead for a little while, and then announces that it was all his devious plan from the start.

End of the Universe

Episode: 2.20
Title: End of the Universe
Transcript: End of the Universe (transcript)
Aired: Apr 23, 1999
Directed by: Paul Donovan
Written by: Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff, Jeffrey Hirschfield
Short Summary: In a last-ditch bid to save the light universe from Mantrid's drones, 790 discovers (way too late), that he can create self replicating drones of his own, to fight Mantrid. Kai and 790 hatch a cunning plan to distract Mantrid, long enough for him to make the mistake of moving too many drones around them, thus engulfing them all in a giant black hole, collapsing the light universe, and shooting the Lexx into the Dark Zone. Lyekka's pod is damaged, and she demonstrates yet more inexplicable talents, transforming herself into a Lyekka drone, and pulling Mantrid from his interface. She is killed in the process, somehow lodging part of herself in Stan's mind.
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