Rockhound aboard the survey ship, wishing for something interesting to happen…
Vital statistics
Title Surveyor
Gender Male
Race Human
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Rockhound is a member of a survey team sent to catalogue planets for useful properties such as habitability or resource deposits. He is seemingly bored of the job, wishing that something interesting will happen.

After his wish is granted, he later becomes the first host body of His Divine Shadow, beginning the Divine Order and its subjugation of much of the Light Universe. Although their fates are not depicted onscreen, the other two members of his survey team (the captain and the navigator) would presumably become the first servants/victims of His Divine Shadow.


His only appearance is in Lexx 2.1 "Mantrid" when he is seen in a flashback as part of a survey team sent to investigate the planetoid that will later become the Cluster. He climbs down an excavation tunnel cataloguing the geological properties, and noticing evidence of biological material climbs to the bottom, onto what is presumably the carapace of the Giga Shadow. There he is shocked by an electrical discharge before being possessed by the insect essence, becoming the first Divine Shadow.

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The character of Rockhound was played by actor John Davie.[1]

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