Roada, governor of Ruuma
Vital statistics
Title Governor of Ruuma (Season 2)
Cage fight announcer (Season 4)
Gender Male
Race Human
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Season 2Edit

High Commander Roada is the last governor of the Divine Order's outpost on the planet Ruuma, and possibly also held a role of Divine Cleric. His primary responsibility was managing the operations of the outpost in its duties of caring for the discarded bodies of the Divine Predecessors, which are re-animated by the unusual geology of the planet. He lives on Ruuma with his wife Hidea, daughter Lomea, and caretaker robot 792.

The family, in no small part thanks to Roada's sleazy egotistical and pompous nature, is frequently at odds with one another, and Roada demonstrates himself to ultimately be a coward, all too eager to cross others to try and seek advancement.

His only appearance is in Lexx 2.13 "Twilight". He is first seen attempting to strengthen the door into the main compound while his family mocks him derisively for getting them into this situation. However, when Stanley Tweedle falls ill aboard the Lexx the crew begin transmitting a distress call that is answered by Roada, who is more than happy to greatly exaggerate the medical expertise available on Ruuma in order to convince the crew to rescue them. Even though the crew of the Lexx may have been happy to help, he and his wife end up betraying Stan and Xev, leaving them outside the walls to die in a vain effort to flee the planet to take the Lexx. However, after his wife betrays him as well, Roada is left to the tender mercy of the Divine Predecessors' hosts and a disease infected Xev, and is devoured.

Season 4Edit

In Lexx 4.x "Viva Lexx Vegas", Louis was the ring-side announcer that oversaw the televised cage fighting matches.

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Additional informationEdit

  • The characters of Roada and Louis were played by actor Louis Del Grande.

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