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Throughout the Lexx series, characters that die are frequently reincarnated as a different character in another universe and/or season. This is sometimes called "same actor, different character".

Instances of reincarnation

In some cases, the crew of the Lexx recognize the character has been reincarnated, but that character has no memory of their previous life. The reincarnated version of the character typically shares some personality or characteristics of the original version, even though no memories are transferred.

Season 1
Light Universe
Season 2
Light Universe
Season 3
Dark Zone
Season 4
Dark Zone
  Laleen Bunny First Lady Bunny
  Wozzard   Dr. Longbore
  EJ Moss   Agent Moss
Giggerota Giggerota Queen Genevive G. Rota
  Schlemmi Fifi Farley Kuckle
    Priest President Priest
  Lomea   Lomea
  Lyekka Lyekka (II) Lulu
Giant Lyekka
  Mantrid Mantrid (II)  

Unclear instances of reincarnation

In other cases involving the major characters, they are recreated or reborn so that they retain their memories.

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Zev Bellringer Xev Bellringer Xev Bellringer Xev Bellringer
Stanley Tweedle Stanley Tweedle Stanley Tweedle Stanley Tweedle
Brud Parsnip
    Isambard Prince Isambard Prince

Xev Bellringer is created by Lyekka as a replacement for Zev Bellringer, and is arguably a form a reincarnation but of a slightly different nature since a different actress plays the new role and the character retains the memory of her previous life.

In Lexx 4.6 "The Rock", Stanley Tweedle encounters a character known as Brud Parsnip, who is physically identical to Stanley and also shares personality traits like his cowardice. However, this does not appear to be an instance of reincarnation since Stanley is still living.

Throughout Season 3 and 4, Isambard Prince reincarnates himself several times after he dies, and in some cases does so in the image of other characters for the purpose of deception.

Minor character recasting

There are many other minor characters that are played by re-cast actors, not intended to be noticed by the viewer, and are not necessarily instances of reincarnation.

Since the series was out of Halifax, and it's a relatively small city of 250,000 with a commensurately small acting community, most local actors of talent were heavily enlisted.

Landy Cannon
Brian Carter
  • the homicidal headless cyborg in 791
  • Organ Grinder, the transvestite wrestler, in Viva Lexx Vegas.
John Dunsworth
Alan MacGillivray
Louis Del Grande
Andre Haines
  • Hunted in Lafftrack
  • a voice for Brigadoom
  • Doily in Girltown
Geoff Herod
  • Brock from Gametown, Boomtown, Heaven and Hell
  • Missionary Man from P4X
Jeff Hirschfield
  • 790
  • game players on Eating Pattern
  • Astronaut P.T. Bando in Lyekka
  • porn star Dick Dongler in Fluff Daddy.
Amy Kerr
  • Desh in 791
  • Texas schoolgirl (uncredited) who ends up on Dr Longbore's escape in Stan Down, Xevivor, Dutch Treat, Magic Baby, 769, and Yo Way Yo.
Holger Kunkel
  • Boork in Eating Pattern
  • Viggo in Mantrid
Gary Levert
Gordon White
  • crying zombie, one of the Divine Predecessors
  • skid row bum in a dumpster in Stan Down.
Janet Wright
Patricia Zentilli
  • Laleen
  • performer in Brigadoom
  • two incarnations of Bunny in seasons three and four.