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Poet Man
Poet Man 001.jpg
Poet Man
Character of series LEXX
Title Poet Man
Gender Male
Race Brunnen-G
Affiliation Brunnen-G
From Brunnis
Status Dead
Additional Info
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The Poet Man is nothing more than a remnant of a once living human being, now serving as a macabre guide for visitors of the ill-fated planet Brunnis.

Super Nova

Poet Man greets Kai, Zev, and Stanley Tweedle upon their arrival to the Memory Dome. Poet Man revels in the death and mistreatment of others, lamenting Zev and Kai's horrifying experience in the Burst of Life room as "wondrous".

Nothing is really known about the Poet Man or who he was other than the fact that he must have traveled to the planet Brunnis sometime ago and died there, but left an automated holograph containing his memories to play as a guide for visitors.

There is a malfunction in the Love Chamber, and Poet Man thinks Stan is a female and readies a syringe filled with his semen to "impregnate" him until Giggerota saves him by smashing the device with a rock.

Poet Man is last seen near the beginning of the Supernova quoting; "Boom!" just before he shuts off permanently.


  • Boom! (Poet Man)


Poet Man: Boom!

  • Theme Music: "Poet Man" from the Tales from a Parallel Universe soundtrack is the Poet Man's theme, it is used in Episode 1.2 and throughout the Series as well.
  • The character of Poet Man was played by Tim Curry.

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