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Paul Donovan
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Paul Donovan
Person of series LEXX
Born Jun 26, 1954
Place Canada
Occupation Producer, writer
Years active 1981-2016
Appearances Writer: 49 episodes, 1996-2002
Roles Producer: 61 episodes, 1996-2002
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Paul Donovan is a Canadian television and film writer, director and producer of Lexx.


Donovan was born in Canada on June 26, 1954. He grew up interested in science and film, and earned a B.Sc. in Physics from Dalhousie University, and graduated from London Film School.

Lexx was a hit in Germany, Russia and Eastern Europe. This Canadian-German co-production went on to become a lucrative money-maker through international sales and was one of the first shows to develop a cult following almost exclusively through the Internet. Fans of Lexx nicknamed Donovan and the show's other main writers, Lex Gigeroff and Jeffrey Hirschfield, "The Supreme Beans".

Brian Downey has been a regular in Donovan's work since the '80s, dating back at least to George's Island in 1989.

Salter Street Film's debut was Siege, distributed by Manson International around the world. Following this success, the company produced Def-Con 4 (1985) which was distributed theatrically around the US by New World Entertainment and George's Island (1989), which received world-wide distribution. Buried on Sunday (1992) and Paint Cans (1994), were the next films produced. They also started the production of a film calledNormanicus, later taken over by Toronto producer Peter Simpson. The distributor's title change to Norman's Awesome Experience made the unique time travel comedy, in which language barrier is fundamental to the story, sound like a knockoff of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, as both films were released in 1989.