Tales from a Parallel Universe
Episode of series LEXX
Title P4X
Season 4
Episode 03
Aired Jul 27, 2001
Directed by Chris Bould
Written by Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff
Actors Lexx staff
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P4X is the 3 episode of 4 season of the TV series "Lexx".

The episode aired on Jul 27, 2001 on the TV channel American Sci-Fi Channel in the USA.

The script for the episode was written by Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff. The director of the episode were Chris Bould.


Xev is being exploited at a steamy women's prison by the Warden and his wife. Stan is literally hanging on for dear life as a prisoner of the ATF. Digby, also held captive by the ATF, attacks Prince.


Xev is admitted to a local Texan jail, where they do things mighty strange. The wardens' goth daughter Lomea abducts attractive people from around the jail, and puts them on her P4X pirate internet sex show. Xev becomes a star with her loveless love slave story, and later in a sex show with other abductees.

Meanwhile, Stanley is pinned high on a wall in the ATF, alongside psychopathic schoolboy, Digby, divulging all the secrets of the Key to the Lexx. Prince tries to get the Key, but it transfers to Digby instead. Digby has his own plans and tries to escape in a moth, but Stanley is able to close the roof hatch as the moth is about leaving causing Digby to fall to his death, transferring the Key back to Stanley.

From orbit, 790 is able to locate Xev inside of the Texan jail and transmits a fax authorizing her release. Kai meets up with her and they both decide to go to Washington, D.C. to find Stanley.

As the wardens and Lomea are driving away in their car, they stop by the side of the road to investigate some strange movement. The two wardens are attacked by carrot probes, and Lomea takes the car and drives off.


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  • Hattie Hayridge and Craig Charles cameo.
  • The title "P4X" ("Prison for Xev") is a reference to the P4W (Prison for Women) in Kingston, Ontario, Canada which was the only women's maximum security prison in Canada before it closed in 1997.

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