For the episode with the same name, see Nook (episode).
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The planet Nook, home of the brothers.
Vital statistics
Type Mostly water
Size Small
Faction Unknown
Location Light Zone
Destroyed by self-destruction

Nook is the planet that the crew visit in Lexx 2.11 "Nook". It is a planet of mostly water and a single small island landmass, on which a monastery is located.


There are only men on the island, and they are completely unaware of women. The brothers procreate by growing cells, in way that is probably similar to cloning.

“We have a supply of cells of great men, who lived in the time before the Landing. We grow these cells into new brothers here in this room. When there is a need, we awaken a new brother to join us. If we did not use this knowledge we could not continue.” — Brother Randor

When Kai sees the silhouette of an immature brother being fed milk, he suggests that Nook might be the well-known "planet of the milk fed boys" (which Giggerota dreams of in Lexx 1.2 "Super Nova").


  • Father Nook, is the unseen deity that provides the brothers with life and sustains them.
  • Brother Randor, gray-haired head of the monastery, with a rank that is known as "Brother of Brother".
  • Brother Stack, a monk that Xev kisses.
  • Brother Tregor, a "copying" brother that can read, and is attracted to Stan.
  • Brother Deal

The LandingEdit

At some point long ago there was event known as "The Landing", prior to which the planet was still covered entirely with water, and the ancestors still lived together as men and women.

“In the terrible time before the Landing, some great men had a vision, of an unchanging paradise, and they created, on our Nook, a world without women. A planet of perfect harmony and equality, free of the never-ending conflict that naturally goes with the competition of sexual reproduction.” — Brother Randor

Night of No RulesEdit

On the Summer Solstice each year, when it is longest day and shortest night of the year, there is an event called the "Night of No Rules". During this time, the brothers dress in animal costumes (such as rats, roosters, rabbits, bees, cows, deer, and donkeys) to keep the rule breaking more anonymous. Brothers never wear the same costume two years in a row.


The planet of Nook destroyed itself in an explosion at sunrise, due to a mechanism triggered by Brother Randor.