The Narco-World space-station, home to the Narco-Lounger.
Object of series LEXX
Type Space Station
Size Large
Faction Privately Owned
Location Light Zone
Status Destroyed by Mantrid Drones.
Additional Info
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Narco-World is a large space-station, privately owned by Gubby Mok and located in the same star system as the manganese mining planet. The facility contains a number of docking bays, but little in the way of visible living or recreational spaces, beyond the vast quantity of space occupied by the mysterious Narco-Lounger.

Description[edit | edit source]

The purpose of the space station is in fact nothing more than to hold the lounger's many complex systems, and the space station and the lounger proper may indeed be considered one and the same. The station's layout is that of a large disk with a massive semi-transparent dome containing a city-like series of structures, with a massive central column extending down from the disk, strengthened by sturdy buttress supports.

Inside the station is given over mostly to the lounger itself, with various supporting systems and sensor equipment, largely managed by a static artificial intelligence. It can be assumed that the lounger chair, where occupants interface with the system itself, is located centrally, while the power systems and equipment occupy much of the central spine of the station, with the comatose bodies of the chair's users located safely somewhere in one of the lower levels.

It is unknown who initially constructed the station, as it was sold to Gubby some years ago. Given the station's size it is likely that living quarters do exist, as the lounger's capacity to handle multiple concurrent dreamers may have allowed the station to function as a resort when it was in better condition, and when more potential customers existed.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The dome at the top of Narco-World.

The only appearance of the Narco-World is in Lexx 2.14 "Patches in the Sky", initially showing the arrival of Fruitcake, a frequent Narco-Lounger user, likely addicted to the experience. He barters with Gubby, attempting to trade a badly damaged Mantrid Drone for time in the chair, and Gubby begrudgingly accepts, though not before becoming worried at Fruitcake's mention of "patches in the sky". After finding out about the station from the robotic attendant of the manganese mining planet, Stan takes the Lexx to Narco-World in the hopes of improving his mood. By the time they arrive, Gubby has turned to drugs as he realises that the universe is being destroyed (by Mantrid Drones), and he is careless in his attendance of the lounger, resulting in Stan becoming trapped in a potentially deadly dream. After the crew manage to free Stan, they leave the station, shortly before it is destroyed by Mantrid Drones.

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