Narco-Lounger Main Chamber

The crew of the the Lexx in the main Narco-Lounger chamber.


The Narco-Lounger is a mysterious piece of technology in the Lexx universe, and part of the huge Narco-World space-station. The technology is designed to allow a person to enter and control their own dreams, in theory allowing them to experience anything that they desire while in something resembling a natural dream-state.

Various systems supporting the lounger appear to exist throughout the Narco-World space station, however the important processes all occur within a single chamber. Here there is a chair on which a user will sit, before being turned into a vapour and drawn into a glass bottle (seen pictured on a "tree" near the chair). Inside this bottle they experience whatever fantasies that their mind creates, including dreams of success and admiration or, for less mentally stable clients, horrific nightmares.

It appears that when the user is transformed into vapour that their mind and body are separated, with the mind deposited in the dream "bulb", and the superfluous body sent down tubes into the stasis chambers below.

Though the device is intended for entertainment, the owner, Gubby Mok, reveals that if a person were to die during a Narco-Lounger dream, then they will die in reality, meaning that any nightmare must be interrupted before any harm can come to a user. Interrupting this process is hazardous, as it involves manipulating high-energy electrical cables that are part of the main console, though it is unclear if this is the normal procedure, or one of Gubby's own devising as the systems fall into disrepair.

It is not known who originally created the Narco-Lounger, as the technology is unlike anything else in existence in the Light Universe. The Narco-Lounger, and the Narco-World resort that houses it, are privately owned by Gubby, who purchased it from an unknown previous owner.


The Narco-Lounger appears in Lexx 2.14 "Patches in the Sky", first when used by Fruitcake, a frequent and most likely addicted user, and later by Stanley Tweedle when he seeks to improve his mood by shaking off a series of bad dreams he has had. Unfortunately the lounger does not have the desired effect for Stan, and he ends up living out the very same nightmares that have been plaguing him, placing him in very real peril as Gubby is too drug addled to effectively end the dream, killing himself in the attempt. In the end, Xev enters Stan's dreams in order to free him from a nightmare of Giggerota, allowing them to escape before Narco-World is destroyed by Mantrid Drones.