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Moth breeder
Moth breeder 001.jpg
Moth breeder
Character of series LEXX
Title Moth breeder
Gender None
Race Droid
Affiliation ?
From Cluster
Status Alive
Additional Info
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A moth breeder is a bio-mechanical servant made from a human host, and can be summoned when additional moths need to be constructed aboard the Lexx. They have blue skin and cybernetic implants on their bodies that supplement their organic systems. Although the moth breeders are living creatures, they are very unintelligent and can only respond to simple commands given to them by the crew of the Lexx.

The Lexx had many moth breeders present on board (perhaps twenty or more), but they were kept sealed in compartments in the walls of the Lexx until they were needed. Since the moth breeders were present throughout the hundreds of years that elapsed during the show, they are either very long-lived or they are in stasis while inside of their sealed compartments, in a way similar to that of the cryochamber.

In several instances, the Key was transferred to a moth breeder and it could only be extracted through death. However, the fact that the Key was able to be transferred to a moth breeder proves that they were living creatures, unlike Kai, who was unable to acquire the Key.


The moth breeders were seen in many episodes in season 3 and 4, but the following list summarizes some of their important appearances:

  • Lexx 3.02 "May" -- Kai activates the Mothbreeders to build new Moths after the prior Moths had died from during the 4331 year journey.
  • Lexx 3.09 "Garden" they were used by the crew to help transport food from the surface.
  • Lexx 4.09 "Fluff Daddy" -- the Key is transferred to one of the moth breeders.
  • Lexx 4.13 "769" -- transferred from Moth breeder to Bunny after killing half of them to find it. However, Bunny and Priest have sex and the Key transfers back into another Moth breeder. Also, 790's head is attached to the body of a Moth breeder.