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E. J. Moss
Character of series LEXX
Title Commander
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation American Freedom Rangers
From Earth
Status Dead
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Moss first appeared in season 2 as E.J. Moss, Commander of the Eagle 5 spacecraft from Potatohoe. He is later reincarnated on Earth as E.J. Moss, head of the American Freedom Rangers (AFR).

Season 2

In Lexx 2.3 "Lyekka", Moss was the commanding officer of a crew of three astronauts from the planet Potatohoe's first space flight. Their craft was destroyed shortly after they boarded The Lexx. He presented the crew with a potato as a sign of friendship.

While on board the ship, his homeworld was destroyed by Mantrid Drones and his crew was consumed by Lyekka. Because the Lexx had destroyed his ship, he blamed Stanley for destroying his wonderful home before being killed.

He continuously talks about virtue, and his 'quiet simple life' back on Potatohoe, apparantly as a parody of stereotypical small-town America. He dies when he is consumed by Lyekka, his protein being mixed with Zev's to create Xev.

Season 4

Moss was reincarnated on Earth as a member of the American Freedom Rangers. This fanatical organization was committed to destroying the President, Congress and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). He has a fixation with dice and an aversion to the number 6. Moss does no recognize the breakaway unit of the AFR from the Idaho Convention of 1994 – the AFR-IC.

In Lexx 4.16 "Moss", he joins the FBI to subvert the government from the inside, and eventually becomes the leader of the ATF. He puts Stanley, Xev, Kai, and President Priest, but before he can execute them, the AFR-IC attack and both sides are killed while the crew of the Lexx and Priest escape.


  • Although Moss does not make an appearance in Lexx 4.15 "Mort", he is mentioned on the radio.

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