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Michael McManus
Michael McManus.jpg
Actor Michael McManus
Person of series LEXX
Born April 15, 1962
Place London, Ontario, Canada
Occupation Actor
Years active 1987-2011
Appearances 61 episodes
Roles Kai
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IMDb Michael McManus
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Michael McManus is a Canadian actor who played the ex-assassin Kai in the science fiction series Lexx. He born in London, Ontario, Canada April 15, 1962. Height 6' 1" (1,85 m).

He has appeared in various television and film roles including Forever Knight, A Taste of Shakespeare, and the 1994 film Paint Cans, opposite Neve Campbell.


Michael studied acting at the University of Alberta in Canada and the Banff Center for the Fine Arts.

He is an accomplished actor and has been in stage productions in both Canada and the United Kingdom. He has also worked in several movie and television productions.

Michael's credits include Dog Park (film) and Atom Egoyan's Speaking Parts, for which he received a Genie Award nomination for Best Actor, and Lexx director Paul Donovan's Paint Cans. His television appearances are for numerous shows, including The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, Hard to Forget, Forever Knight, Nothing Sacred (1998), and the critically acclaimed The Squamish Five.

He is best-known as the ex-assassin Kai in the long-running science-fiction television show LEXX, which consisted of 4 movies and 3 more television seasons.

He is also an accomplished musician who sings in a low baritone and plays both guitar and piano.


  • Nephew of actor/director Helen Shaver.
  • His aunt, Helen Shaver is a renowned actress in her own right (Poltergeist the Legacy) and an important director and show writer in Los Angeles.
  • His maternal cousin is Lally Cadeau, famous Shakespearen actress well-known for her participation in Canada's thriving theater community.

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