“This is MedSat medical terminal, proud home of the finest physicians in the Quadra system. If it's broken, we can mend it. If it's bleeding, we can stem it. If it's spreading, we can halt it. If it's sagging we can lift it. MedSat - where medicine is at. Professional. Affordable. Receiving patients now.”
MedSat Medical Terminal
MedSat screen
MedSat medical terminal
Vital statistics
Type Orbiting space station
Size medium
Faction unknown
Location Quadra system, Light Zone
Destroyed by Mantrid Drones

The MedSat Medical Terminal was an orbiting medical facility located in the Quadra system that was called upon in Lexx 2.2 "Terminal" to save Stanley Tweedle after Kai unintentionally punctured his heart with his brace weapon.

Since the Lexx crew did not have any medical waivers, precious metals, or currency to pay for services, Zev resorted to coercion by destroying the nearby red moon as a demonstration of the Lexx's destructive capabilities.

The MetSat's satellite drive was powered by a plasma beam from an ion furnace.

MedSat was destroyed by Mantrid Drones after the Lexx departed, being the first reveal of the series true antagonist.


Primary staff
Other people
  • female MedSat greeter, who first appears onscreen
  • Mrs. Deebee, a wheelchair-bound patient that has been supposedly cured of a tumor by Dr. Kazan.

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