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May 002
Character of series LEXX
Title May
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation ?
From Water
Status Dead
Additional Info
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May appears to be the lone survivor of an attack of May's Town on Water by the denizens of the planet Fire. May sits beside herself, easing her pain by playing a tune on her ocarina, when Kai falls from the sky after jumping off of the Lexx.


May introduces herself to Kai and tells of the attacks on Water by the opposing planet Fire, Kai notices an infection on her shoulder and suggests that she has it looked at immediately.

In episode 3.02 "May": Kai flags down a balloon (or gondola?) containing attackers from the planet Fire. After May explains who they are, Kai grapples up to the balloon in order to negotiate with them. After the negotiations fall through, Kai disposes of the attackers by dropping them into the sea. He picks up May and crosses the Twister over into the neighboring planet Fire.

The balloon eases in front Prince's citadel, and May kills him with a crossbow from the commandeered balloon. Kai reunites with Stan and Xev and they all return to the Lexx. May implores Stan to destroy the planet Fire while he can, but he is hesitant and asks Kai for advice only to end up arguing with Xev over the morality of the issue. May explains that Prince killed everyone she ever knew and took her whole world away from her. She narrows it down for Stan: "Water is good; Fire is evil". The debate is cut short when May begins feeling the effects of her septic wound and is taken up to the Cryochamber. In short, May succumbs to her septic infection and dies, Prince appears giving Stanley an offer: he will resurrect May if he destroys the planet Water.

In episode 3.03 "Game Town": May miraculously comes back to life, to the amazement of Kai (who is supposed to be a professional at discerning dead people from living people). Stan ponders destroying the planet Water in order to save May, but is stopped by Xev. Stan and Xev return to the Cryochamber to find a healthy May wandering about. May questions Stan's loyalty to reviving her and not destroying Water. Prince commends Stan for choosing the wrong decision before leaving the Lexx with May.


May and Prince were captured by Duke in a power grab, in order to trap Prince. May killed Prince to prevent this, and in retaliation Duke killed May by dousing her in oil and setting her alight. May is not seen after this.


  • Music dulls the pain. (May)

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