Mantrid's World
Mantrid's World
Mantrid's prison on Mantrid's World
Vital statistics
Type inhospitable, mountainous and ice-covered
Size small
Faction Divine Order
Location Light Zone
Destroyed by the Lexx

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Mantrid's World as seen from orbit, with the red planet in the background.

The planet known only as "Mantrid's World" is a small and inhospitable, mountainous and ice-covered moon that is in orbit around a larger unnamed red planet.

The location of his world appears to be near the Cluster, or at least in the same solar system. When Kai first tells the crew that they must seek the help of Mantrid, the travel time is not depicted nor raised as being a concern to Kai and his supposedly dwindling protoblood supply. Additionally, when Stan and the crew are searching debris after destroying Mantrid's planet, one of the fragments they see is actually a piece of Cobalt Stadium.[1]

Inhabitants Edit

Its only known purpose is to house the prison for the Divine Order's Bio-Vizier Mantrid. It is unclear if the planet is intended as a general purpose prison with other facilities, though Mantrid is the only known occupant (hence the planet's nickname), except of course for his assistant Viggo.

Buildings and structures Edit

The only feature of the planet appears to be the prison building, a large bee-hive like structure with sheer, solid sides and a single small opening at the top large enough for a Moth to enter. Unlike the rest of the world the prison building contains a strange, swampy environment suggesting some source of heat such as a spring or a geothermal vent.

Though no official structures or resources appear to have been provided to the prison, Mantrid himself is comprised of levitating pieces, which presumably allowed him to retrieve supplies needed to sustain himself and Viggo, as well as metals allowing him to build the ship into which he planned to transfer his consciousness.

Appearances Edit

Mantrid's World only ever featured in Lexx 2.1 "Mantrid" where the crew meet Mantrid. The world is later destroyed at the end of the episode by the Lexx.

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