Manganese Mining Planet
Manganese Mining Planet
Home of robotically operated manganese mine Q2-A2.
Vital statistics
Type Resource Rich
Size Medium
Faction League of 20,000 Planets
Location Light Zone
Destroyed by the Lexx.


The Manganese Mining Planet is a heavily excavated resource world of the League of 20,000 Planets. It is home to the robotically operated manganese mine Q2-A2, an entirely automated mining effort that appears to be exhaustively stripping the world of its manganese deposits.

Though none of the workers are seen, a robotic attendant is known to operate on the world, responsible for contacting passing ships and adaptively avoiding confrontation with "unexpected external threats" and, if necessary, contacting any suitable law enforcement patrols. This attendant is a 700 series robot; one of the many bio-mechanical constructions of the Divine Order, comprised of mechanical components with a small piece of human brain acting as a primary processor.

Manganese is an important component of special steels and magnetic alloys, and likely an important element in the construction of ships and robotic devices in the Light Universe.

Though the entire League of 20,000 Planets is scoured of human life during the Cleansing, the mechanical components of robotic drones are unlikely to have possessed enough raw material to be worth transporting to the Cluster, making a remote mining outpost a negligible priority for the plans of His Divine Shadow, leaving it unscathed.


Manganese Mining Attendant

The 700 series robotic attendant of manganese mine Q2-A2.

The only appearance of this planet occurs during Lexx 2.14 "Patches in the Sky", when the Lexx passes through its system. After receiving a hail from the mine, Stanley Tweedle, in a bad mood, decides to try and goad and threaten the robotic population of the planet, and orders the Lexx to destroy the world, demanding that the robot find some way to improve his mood. The robotic attendant runs through a number of possibilities, before suggesting the Narco-Lounger, in response to which Stan asks the Lexx to cancel his last request. The planet is subsequently destroyed however when the Lexx fails to understand the meaning of the word "cancel", and destroys the planet anyway, leading Stan to feel guilty at the destruction of the innocent robots.

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