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Lomea 001.jpg
Lomea, daughter of Roada
Character of series LEXX
Title daughter of Roada (Ruuma)
daugher of Warden(Earth)
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Roada and Hidea
From Ruuma
Status Deceased
Additional Info
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Lomea (or Lomia) is a character that first appears in season 2, and is later reincarnated in season 4. In both roles she appears as a goth dressed daughter that despises her parents.


She appears in Lexx 2.13 "Twilight" as the daughter of Roada, the governor of the planet of Ruuma, and his wife Hidea. She is disillusioned and despises both of her parents, sporting a gothic look and a clear same-sex tendency. (she is either gay or bisexual, as it is never made clear)

Of her family she is the least willing to betray the crew of the Lexx after she befriends and displays an attraction for Xev, and despite her apparent instability as in individual is more good than either of her parents.

She is initially seen insulting her father as he attempts to barricade the small output on Ruuma. When the crew of the Lexx arrives she display affections towards Xev and is furious when her parents attempt to betray Xev and Stan. She is later eaten by Lyekka after she descends to rescue the crew and feed.


  • Season 2. Lomea appears in Lexx 2.13 "Twilight" as the daughter of Roada and Hidea.
  • Season 4. A reincarnation of Lomea later appears in Lexx 4.3 "P4X" as daughter of the Warden of the Texas prison. She kidnaps Xev from prison to put her on an internet broadcast entitled "P4X" in which she forces kidnapped people to have sex.

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