Little Lexx
Little Lexx 001.jpg
Little Lexx
Character of series LEXX
Title Little Lexx
Gender -
Race Insect
Affiliation ?
From Dark Zone
Status Alive
Additional Info
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Little Lexx is seen being born at the end of Lexx 4.24 "Yo Way Yo" as The Lexx dies and decomposes.

Character[edit | edit source]

The new ship is much smaller in size than the original Lexx. Being the offspring of The Lexx and a comman dragonfly, Little Lexx has some features of both. He posses one antenna, legs, and a flexible tail. This gives Little Lexx a more organic look. It is not known if Little Lexx has the same destructive capabilities as The Lexx. The episode ends with the crew flying off inside it.

XEV: Wow!
STAN: Who are you?
LITTLE LEXX: I don't know.
STAN: I am Stanley H Tweedle, your captain.
STAN: Yes, I am.

(A blue Key appears, and goes into Stanley's hand)

LITTLE LEXX: And what do you command me to do, Captain?
XEV: Find us a new home, Little Lexx.
STAN: Little Lexx - find us a new home.
LITTLE LEXX: As you command, Captain.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

  • The Little Lexx was voiced by Tom Gallant, who also voiced The Lexx. However, his voice was electronically altered to produce the higher-pitched voice of The Little Lexx.

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