Light Zone
Cluster 003
End of Temple of the Divine Order (Light Zone)
Object of series LEXX
Type Universe
Size  ?
Faction Divine Order
Location Light Universe
Status Destroyed
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The Light Zone (sometimes called the Light Universe) is one of the two primary, parallel universes in Lexx. The Light Zone has a large number of galaxies and systems, many of which are depraved, chaotic, or corrupted, yet despite this it is regarded as being the better of the two universes.


The Light Zone seems to be more unified, organized, and technologically advanced than the Dark Zone.  With the exception of the Brunnen-G, who originated there, there is no evidence of common culture or a shared history among the inhabitants of the Dark Zone as there is the Light Zone.    

History and AppearancesEdit

Previous major events in the history of the Light Zone include the arrival of the Brunnen-G from the Dark Zone, who later fought in the Great Insect War. The only surviving insect from the war burrowed into the planet that came to be known as the Cluster, around which it was able to form the Divine Order and the League of 20,000 Planets, enslaving or destroying the majority of the Light Zone's inhabitants.

A significant portion of the Light Zone's population is wiped out in Lexx 1.4 "Giga Shadow" during The Cleansing when the inhabitants of the League of 20,000 Planets are brought to the Cluster to be stripped of their protein to feed the enormous Giga Shadow. The Light Zone is however still featured during season 2 of Lexx, as the crew make their way to various locations untouched by the Cleansing. The first of which however is Mantrid's World, and over the course of the season the entire Light Zone is destroyed by Mantrid and his drones, before a catastrophic Big Crunch occurs in Lexx 2.20 "End of the Universe".

As as a result of this event the Lexx and its crew, being near the focal point, are forced into the Dark Zone through the formation of a temporary Fractal Core. As they never return to the Light Zone over the remainder of the series it is unclear if the Light Zone is destroyed, or if its collapse triggers another Big Bang, possibly resulting in a new cycle of time in the Light Zone.  Due to the apparently fixed and unchanging nature of time in the series, the second possibility seems to perhaps be the more likely outcome.

Major FactionsEdit

View of the Diminishing Carma P-2 Galaxy

A view of the Carma P-2 galaxy as it is being devoured by Mantrid Drones.

Places of InterestEdit

See alsoEdit

These minor, named galaxies were known to exist in the Light Zone:

  • Wolfram T galaxy
  • Carma P-2 galaxy (Carmen P2 galaxy?)
  • Boxie 6 galaxy
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