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Klaagia 001.jpg
The Lexx enters orbit around Klaagia.
Planet of series LEXX
Type Garbage covered planet,
Oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere,
1 standard gravity
Size unknown
Faction unknown
Location Dark Zone
Status Destroyed by the Lexx
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Klaagia is a "secondary resource planet" located in the Dark Zone, which serves as an orbiting dumpsite for generalised waste disposal.


The crew of the Lexx discover Klaagia in Lexx 1.3 "Eating Pattern" when they receive an intelligent signal from a remote drone. It is one of the two planets the crew visits during their initial visit to the Dark Zone (the other being Brunnis-1).

Chairman Bog describes the physical location of Klaagia as being "the sixth planet. We're almost on a direct line between Marva and Dusak."

The planet had no indications of electromagnetic activity, which means it is not a life bearing planet, or was a very primitive one. However according to Wist, it "used to be a plentiful planet, with lots of delicious things to eat." This may actually be an allusion to the former populace as food for the parasitic infestation, of which the Wist clone making this claim is a part.


There is a small colony of humans living on the planet, however resources are scarce and living conditions are very difficult. As a result, the humans have become addicted to a drug known as Pattern that is made from severed body parts that have been refined by Bog's machine.

Additionally, the planet was invaded by an evil race of parasitic Satellite Worms that infect and enslave people by attaching to their brains.

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