Character of series LEXX
Title misguided teenager
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation friends Enox, Gibble, Laleen, Tad
From Bingo-44
Status Deceased
Additional Info
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Kanana was a human adolescent traveling to a space camp with four other friends.

History Edit

It was her boyfriend's suggestion that everyone put themselves into suspended animation while setting a "Wake-up signal", a signal when picked up by another ship would transmit a signal back to the shuttle, waking the teens up. The plan failed, and the teens remained asleep for 300 years until their signal was picked up by the Lexx while traversing the Light Universe.

In Season 2 Kanana along with her friends; Enox, Gibble, Laleen, and Tad were discovered by Xev to be still asleep in their cryochambers. Xev awakens them and brings them aboard the Lexx, where Stan introduces the teens to the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. Kanana rekindles her old flame with Tad until he wants to "go all the way" with her, she declines saying that she isn't ready. Later Kanana catches Tad forcing himself onto Xev, Kanana angrily attacks and questions Xev only to end up becoming friends with and consulting her on her problems with Tad. She is eventually killed by Kai.

Trivia Edit

  • Kanana and Tad seemed to have more of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship as opposed to Enox and Laleen, who openly flirted with other people in front of each other.
  • Kanana is the last teen to be killed by Kai, however her near escape makes her out to be the "final girl" in horror films.
  • The whole premise of "Wake the Dead" is very reminiscent of movies from the nineteen-eighties slasher genre, like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Additional Information Edit

  • Kanana along with the other teens appeared in Lexx 2.10 "Wake the Dead".
  • The Character of Kanana was played by Canadian actress Niki Barnett.

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