Hidea, wife of Roada
Vital statistics
Title Wife of Roada
Gender Female
Race Human
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Lady Hidea (also spelled Heedia) is the disgruntled wife of Roada, the governor of Ruuma, and mother to Lomea their daughter.

She is extremely scornful of her husband for accepting the assignment to Ruuma, particularly as it increasingly appears to be the likely end of them all as attacks from the bodies of the Divine Predecessors continue to increase in severity. She is ambitious and is willing to stop at nothing to escape the planet.


She appears in Lexx 2.13 "Twilight", initially scorning her husband in his efforts to barricade the outpost. When the crew of the Lexx arrives she is quick to deliver pleasantries while criticising her husband, and just as quick to betray Stan and Xev, leaving them, and later her husband, for dead in an attempt to flee the planet in a Moth. She is ultimately killed when Lyekka arrives on the planet to rescue the crew and feed.

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The character of Hidea was played by Canadian actress Mary Walsh.[1]

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