Gibble 001
Gibble upon meeting
Character of series LEXX
Title Gibble
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation  ?
From  ?
Status Dead
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Gibble was a human adolescent traveling to a space camp with four other friends.

Character Edit

It was by his friend Tad's suggestion that they all put themselves into suspended animation while setting a "Wake-up signal", a signal when picked up by another ship would transmit a signal back to the shuttle, waking the teens up. The plan failed, and the teens remained asleep for 300 years until their signal was picked up by the Lexx while traversing the Light Universe.

In Season 2 Gibble along with his friends; Enox, Laleen, Tad, and Kanana were discovered by Xev to be still asleep in their Cryochambers. Xev awakens them and brings them aboard the Lexx, where Stan introduces the teens to the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. Gibble is more nervous than the others in the group and dislikes the idea of disobeying the Captain's rules, however he continues to follow Enox's orders. Gibble goes with Enox into the Cryochamber where the latter messes with the Cryo-Unit and gives Kai some bad direction. Stan catches Enox and Gibble and tells them to go to bed, Gibble shows respect by calling Stan "Sir", and leaves carrying his friend via piggyback.

Gibble does some business in the Lexx's lavatory where he discovers Tad's corpse sticking out from the toilet, he freaks out and runs to find Enox who merely shrugs Gibble off as being a worrywort and suggest that he gets something to eat to calm himself down. Gibble is last seen at the galley, where he orders a tremendous amount of food from the Lexx only to be drowned in it by a psychotic Kai. Gibble's corpse is later discovered by Xev, Enox, and Kanana to be suspended from the ceiling and voiding his bowels albeit in a comical manner.


  • "Awesome!" - Gibble

Trivia Edit

  • Gibble along with the other teens appeared in Episode 2.10: "Wake the Dead".
  • Gibble was out of shape and had eating issues (he ate whenever he was nervous), which Enox probably used as an excuse to bully him around and treat him like his flunky.
  • Gibble is the second teen out of the group to be killed by Kai.
  • The whole premise of "Wake the Dead" is very reminiscent of movies from the nineteen-eighties slasher genre, like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Additional Information Edit

  • The character of Gibble was played by Canadian actor Bruce Fillmore.
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