For the city on planet Water with the same name, see Garden.

As the Lexx orbits above planets Fire and Water, Kai and Stan search for Xev in a moth. They eventually find her stranded and dehydrated on a ledge high above the ground on a city spire on Fire. They return to the Lexx where Xev has to take a shower to wash off the grime. It's Stanley's lucky day because he later dreams of Lyekka. The dream turns into a nightmare when Lyekka expands her mouth, intent on eating Stan in one gulp, but fortunately he wakes up from his dream.

The trio head to Water, looking for food for the Lexx, who is still really hungry, not having eaten a planet for a while. They find the city of Garden, and meet three women (Tulip, Lilly, and Daffodil) who spend their day tending to stamens and other flower parts. In an atmosphere of serenity, Kai decides he will plant himself and decompose. Xev longs for a man, and wants to go elsewhere.

Stan wants to stay and teach the gardeners how to please him. He does his best but cannot get the response he wants from the gardeners. He finds though that they can grow a plant from this thoughts. Excitedly, the gardeners recreate the Lyekka plant using a hallucinogenic mushroom dream ritual.

Finding the other two crewmembers have no great desire to return to the Lexx, Xev says goodbye and plans to leave in the morning. Unfortunately for Stanley, Lyekka is very hungry when she grows and promptly eats Tulip, Lilly and, Daffodil. The situation is going from bad to worse as attacking gondolas and balloons appear over the city.

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  • The shower scene with Xev is a very popular part of this episode.
  • The garden scenes were filmed at the Botanischer Garten in Berlin, Germany.

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