Fruitcake inside of his dream with three women
Vital statistics
Title Fruitcake
Gender Male
Race Human
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Fruitcake was a young human male, and a regular customer of the Narco-Lounger. He was only seen in Lexx 2.14 "Patches in the Sky" and exhibited minor symptoms of addiction to its effects and was willing to trade anything he had to Gubby Mok just for another session, including a piece of space junk (which was a dormant Mantrid Drone arm) and even his own ship.

Fruitcake was also the first character to realize that something unnatural was occurring to the stars in the Light Universe when he told Gubby that there were "patches in the sky". Gubby analyzed the claim and realized that indeed there were large portions of space was disappearing at an increasing rate. Kai later concludes this is the result of Mantrid's drones consuming the Universe.

Fruitcake was briefly woken up from his dream in the Narco-Lounger, but he requested that he be returned. Kai obliges and Fruitcake is assumed to have still been inside his dream when the Narco-World was destroyed by Mantrid Drones.

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The character of Fruitcake was played by Canadian actor David Lewis. He also played the uncredited role of the captive guy in Brizon’s kidney machine near the beginning of Lexx 2.19 "Brizon".