Frontier Outpost 65798-4-8
Frontier Outpost 65798-4-8
Frontier Outpost 65798-4-8.
Vital statistics
Type Barren
Size Large
Faction Divine Order
Location Light Zone
Destroyed by the Lexx.

Description Edit

Frontier Outpost 65798-4-8 (six-five-seven-nine-eight dash four dash eight) is a small, manned space station built into the surface of a rocky satellite, orbiting a large barren world. It is located on the extreme edge of the Frontier, and was constructed, and is operated by, an attendant of the Divine Order in order to prevent the passage of unauthorised vessels into the Frontier.

In order to stop ships escaping the League of 20,000 Planets, the frontier outpost challenges passing ships for a security code, and if one is not provided it will activate the outer rim minefield, resulting in the destruction of the unauthorised vessel.

Appearances Edit

Frontier Outpost 65798-4-8's only appearance is in Lexx 1.1 "I Worship His Shadow" when the Lexx attempts to flee into the Frontier. Upon discovering that they require an access code, Stan, Zev and Giggerota elect to have the Lexx destroy the station so that they may proceed, and inadvertently destroy the world around which it orbits as well.

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