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Episode of series LEXX
Title Fluff Daddy
Season 4
Episode 09
Aired Sep 14, 2001
Directed by Chris Bould
Written by Jeffrey Hirschfield, Paul Donovan
Actors Lexx staff
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"Fluff Daddy" is the 9 episode of 4 season of the TV series "Lexx".

The episode aired on Sep 14, 2001 on the Sci-Fi Channel in the USA.

The script for the episode was written by Jeffrey Hirschfield, Paul Donovan. The director of the episode were Chris Bould.


Stan becomes the boss of the adult entertainment operation that Lyekka works for to get closer to her. She purposely brings Stan to sexual ecstasy causing the key to the Lexx to leave his body and pass into her.


Prince lures the crew down to Earth. Bunny is told to have sex with Stan. On Bunny's porn video, Stan notices Lyekka (Lulu), and tries to get close to her by being the new fluffer.

Prince shows Xev the mortal version of Kai, who is an actor who really suffers for his art, injecting staples into his feet and sleeping on the stage. He wants celibacy until his show has run (2 – 6 months). Xev eats him anyway, in a fit of cluster lizard hormones.

Stan uses Prince and the ATF to access Lyekka. She makes her dream movie "Oval Orifice", then steals the Key from Stan and goes to the Lexx with her director, and releases Vlad. Stan is arrested for theft, and sent to a loony bin.


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