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Fifi 001.jpg
Character of series LEXX
Title Fifi
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Schlemmi, Fifi, Farley Kuckle
From Gametown
Status Dead
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Fifi is the character has been reincarnated Schlemmi, but that character has no memory of their previous life. The reincarnated version of the character shares some personality or characteristics of the original version, even though no memories are transferred.


In the Season 2 Fifi's Light Zone incarnation was a sleazy bordello operator named Schlemmi in Lexx 2.4 "Luvliner", it seems though that his unpleasant personality and demeanor were perfectly reincarnated in Fifi (Season 3). Schlemmi plots with a sadistic mercenary to steal the Lexx (or rather, take its crew hostage) and destroys the Luvliner to get revenge on the drug-using gangsters who owned it. He has unusual sexual proclivities, namely an attraction to 790 who he rapes with the help of some unusual fetish gear. After the crew of the Lexx turn the tables on Schlemmi and his mercenary friend, he is excreted by the Lexx and dropped into the den of his former employers, who presumably kill him.


In the Season 3 Fifi never quite fit in with the crowd at Gametown in Lexx 3.3 "Gametown", so one day he decides to defect over to the planet Fire and start war with Water, this just happens to be the day that Kai arrives in Gametown. After losing another game to Brock, Fifi angrily storms off in a huff rather than hitting the showers with the rest of the teams. Fifi ends up stealing the moths and the Lexx food and defects over to the planet Fire, where he is met by Duke and his task force in Lexx 3.4 "Boomtown" and Lexx 3.5 "Gondola".

Farley Kuckle

In the Season 4 Fifi's earth incarnation, Farley Kuckle made an appearance in Lexx 4.5 "Xevivor", and was largely concerned with his possible homosexuality. He ends up taken over by a carrot probe and - along with all the similarly possessed contestants in the "Xevivor" game -tries to convert Stan and Xev, However Kai arrives in the nick of time with a moth to save his shipmates.

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