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Ernst Longbore
Dr. Ernst W. Longbore
Character of series LEXX
Title Ernst W. Longbore
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation ?
From Earth
Status Dead
Additional Info
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The crew seek The Wozzard in Lexx 2.15 "Woz" so that he can help by use his lusticon to reset the expiration date of Xev. The Wozzard however lies about his lusticon, and uses it to revert Zev into her old form prior to sentencing on the Cluster, forcing her to watch a badly made propaganda video, but doing nothing to alter her expiry date.

Dr. Longbore

In multiple episodes in season 4, Dr. Ernst W. Longbore is a wheelchair-bound scientist and cult leader on Earth who foresees the destruction of the planet. However he has his own secret plans about who he will allow to go onto his ship by sniffing the "histocompatibility" of young schoolgirls.

By the end of the series, and Longbore has constructed the Noah, a vessel powered using technology supplied by 790 In Lexx 4.24 "Yo Way Yo", Noah is ready for launch. Longbore loads the ship with young, attractive women, and not the brilliant and hard working geeks who helped him build Noah. Before Longbore can board the ship, President Priest and First Lady Bunny steal and launch Noah. To the geeks' delight, Longbore is consumed by the flames of the Noah's launch.

Walter Borden

  • The characters of the Wozzard and Dr. Ernst Longbore were both played by actor Walter Borden.
  • The last Divine Shadow was also voiced by Walter Borden.
  • IMDb Walter Borden

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