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Title philosopher poet, mummy
Gender Male
Race Human
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Drago (or Draco) was once a philosopher poet. He was executed by Kai and eventually buried on Earth by heretics who intended to return for him, but never did (according to Kai) . He was turned into an unkillable primitive killing machine.

Season 4Edit

His coffin was found and brought to the King Tut hotel in Las Vegas just as Stan, Xev, and Kai's visit. Drago awakens and goes on a killing spree, snapping the necks of everyone he comes across. He is stopped from killing a tied up Stan by being interrupted by local thugs looking to kill Stan because they think he's a government agent (President Priest gave Stan his ATF credit card to pay for the visit). Drago is stopped from killing Xev by Kai, who proceeds to taunt him. Kai described Drago as "a very self important philosopher poet". Kai even taunted Drago by commenting on that fact that it is ironic in life he was a mindless philosopher poet and in death is a mindless killer. Kai even recites one of Drago's poems to further taunt him.


Drago's appearance was in the 4th season episode Lexx 4.21 "Viva Lexx Vegas".

Additional informationEdit

  • The character of Drago was played by actor John Lebar.[1] He is 7' 3" (2.21 m) tall.