Dr. Kazan
Dr. Kazan 001
Dr. Kazan
Character of series LEXX
Title Dr. Kazan
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Terminal
From Terminal
Status Dead
Additional Info
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Dr. Kazan is a character from episode 2.02 Terminal. Zev seeks out a medical facility and after some unusual negotiations, gets treatment for Stan in the MedSat, a large medical space hospital.


The attending surgeon, Doctor Kazan attempts to wrest control of Lexx from Zev. Although warned of potential issues, Kazan electrocutes Zev to the point of death assuming she will transfer Lexx to him.

Dr Kazan is a bad man who tells elderly women that they have cancer when they really don't. Then he performs a false surgical procedure on them which leaves permanent internal damage, and charges them ridiculously high hospital bills before firing them into space.

He killed Zev at the end of episode. This is the last episode to feature Zev.

Additional informationEdit

  • The character of Dr Kazan is played by actor Simon Licht (Germany).
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