Doily is a 'girl' (effeminate gay men) from Girltown, and one of the principal supporting characters from the episode. Doily's companion/friend is thrown from the tower before his eyes at the opening of the episode. Later on, Doily begs help from Kai and Xev, which leads to the overthrow of the 'boys' (butch gay women) and of Queen's regime. Doily later leads the 'girls' in a balloon Oddyssey to the planet water which is interrupted when the Lexx eats them all.


  • The character and fate of Doily and other 'girls' has been criticized for being a stereotyped effeminate gay, and together with the apparent portrayal of doomed gays Nook has lead to accusations of underlying homophobia. This has been strongly negatived by both Gigeroff who wrote the episode Girltown, and Haines himself, who emphasize that the suffering inhabitants of Girltown are the only positive characters anywhere on the planet. "There's been a mistake," Gigeroff is quoted as saying, "they should have been on Water. It was a cosmic mistake that they were on Fire."
  • Doily is played by Andre Haines, the brother of Lex Gigeroff. Haines previously appeared in the episode Lafftrak, and was a co-lyicist and composer (and provided vocals) on Brigadoom, both in the second season.