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Divine Executioner
Vlad 003.jpg
Divine Executioner
Character of series LEXX
Title Divine Executioner
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Divine Order
From The Cluster, Transylvania (current residence)
Status Deceased
Additional Info
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Divine Executioners are a specialised form of re-animated construct created by the Bio-Viziers of the Divine Order, created for the purpose of hunting down and destroying a defective Divine Assassin.


The Divine Executioners are re-animated using protoblood, but appear to be created from parts from multiple sources, rather than a single re-animated body as with the standard Assassins. It can be assumed that Executioners are de-carbonised in the same way as Divine Assassins, making them immune to most forms of weaponry.

The only known Divine Executioner is Vlad who is shown to be extremely fast, capable of flight/gliding with her cape in a similar way to His Divine Shadow. Vlad is armed with a weapon similar to the wrist-brace used by Kai, and a piercing weapon able to drain the protoblood from a Divine Assassin, which is the only way such constructs can be reliably stopped; due to their specialised nature it is likely that these weapons are standard issue for Divine Executioners.

Vlad also possesses an unusual substance called parablood, which is able to brainwash most living beings into becoming a thrall. It is believed that parablood is a processed form of protoblood, however the purpose of such a substance is of uncertain value to the role of an executioner, and it is therefore unknown if parablood is standard issue or something unique to Vlad.

Another notable feature of Vlad is that she appears to be aged when low on protoblood, unlike Divine Assassins such as Kai who simply cease functioning when their supply runs out. It is possible that in order to better facilitate their role as executioners that they are given a form of addiction to protoblood, however this may also simply be an eccentricity of Vlad as a full-fledged addiction could render an Executioner unstable and likely to eliminate any Divine Assassin that it came across.


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  • The need for the Divine Executioners has been the subject of much debate, as Divine Assassins are supposed to be unswervingly loyal and the potential for one to go rogue seems incredibly low, as the only known occurrence was Kai who, through a chance encounter with the Divine Predecessor that killed him, was able to regain free-will.
  • If Vlad is considered typical for a Divine Executioner, then they are dangerously powerful, easily surpassing His Divine Shadow in strength. If it is assumed that a Divine Assassin is even able to go rogue, then the chance of a Divine Executioner being exposed to the same influence (particularly if it were an intentional one) would make their existence a massive liability.


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