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Divine Cleric
Divine Cleric.jpg
A Divine Cleric with ceremonial dagger
Character of series LEXX
Title Divine Cleric
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Divine Order
From Cluster
Status Dead
Additional Info
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Divine Clerics are utterly devoted members of the Divine Order, and are responsible for carrying out the most important rituals of the order, as well as acting as personal attendants to His Divine Shadow and his Divine Predecessors.


The priests wear purple robes with distinctive clasps in the shape of the swirling shape of the symbol of the Divine Order. The robes incorporate a hood, and can be supplemented by a mesh facial covering. The priests typically carry a wicked ceremonial dagger in a curving shape.


The Divine Clerics first appear in Lexx 1.1 "I Worship His Shadow" as new host is being prepared for the essence of His Divine Shadow to be transferred into. They perform the destruction of the new host's memories in preparation for the essence, as well as removing the brain of the previous host to become a Divine Predecessor.

Clerics are later seen in Lexx 1.4 "Giga Shadow" when they are performing the ritual of the Rebirth, placing the final Divine Predecessor on a pedestal that is to be raised inside the Giga Shadow. However, during the final rite when the clerics are supposed to kill one another, one of their number Yottskry rebels and manages to interrupt the ritual. He, along with others of the clerics, are later resurrected by the Protoblood excretions of the Giga Shadow, allowing the rite to continue once more. Yottskry attempts to fight the insect essence, but is absorbed into the brain of the monstrous creature, and later killed.

It is also possible that Roada, the governor of the planet Ruuma, may have belonged at least in part to the clergy, as it is his responsibility as governor to look after the reanimated bodies of the Divine Predecessors (after their brains have been removed), which is in keeping with the role of the Divine Clerics. In Lexx 2.13 "Twilight", Roada says "all of my fellow clerics" suggesting that he was also a Divine Cleric.

Divine Clerics are also seen vacationing on planet B1B in the DVD extra Rated: Lexx. There they are permitted to relax in a variety of activities including drinking at bars.

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