Digby was a schoolboy on Earth and the first person to discover the Lexx, during a school telescope competition. Isambard Prince, head of the ATF, considered him "a threat to national security" and captured him.

Little Blue Planet Edit

Digby is briefly seen hanging from the wall during the President's first contact with Stanley Tweedle.

P4X Edit


When Tweedle is captured by Prince and left hanging on the wall with Digby, Digby tries to learn more about the Lexx, saying he wishes he could travel in space. Stanley rebukes his attempts to make conversation, stating he doesn't "like children". When Prince attempts to gain the key by trying to kill them both, Stanley begs Pronce to kill Digby first. When Prince almost drops Stan, the key flows to Digby, who then makes a deal with Prince to save his own life. He waited until he was safely on the lift with Prince before trying to kill him by dropping him off of the lift, then stealing his security key card and gun and making his own escape without Stan. Whilst Stan and a badly injured Prince try to stop him from escaping, Digby makes his way through the building by pretending to be Prince's son, pretending to cry, holding them at gunpoint, and then killing them when he has no further use for them. He steals the moth from the same room he locked Stan and Prince in; however Stanley manages to close the hangar bay doors, causing the Moth to crash into them, sending Digby falling to his death.

Behind the scenes Edit

Digby was played by Ryan Cooley.