Christoph Schrewe
Christoph Schrewe
Christoph Schrewe
Personal Info
Born August 19, 1964
Place German
Occupation Producer, director
Years active 1989-2020
Appearances Director: 7 episodes, 1996-2002
Roles Director: 7 episodes, 1996-2002
Additional Info
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Christoph Schrewe born August 19, 1964, he is a German film director.

Schrewe began his career directing television films in Germany. In 2004 he directed his first international feature film, Post Impact, followed by the well-received The Conclave in 2006.

In 2008, he directed a mini-series adaptation of Jack London's novel The Sea Wolf, a ProSieben production filmed on location on Grand Bahama Island.

More recently his international credits include 12 episodes of Borgia, as well as multiple episodes of Versailles, Criminal Minds, Berlin Station, Britannia, and Shooter.

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Christoph Schrewe was director of 7 episodes Lexx:

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