Carrot probes in space

Carrot probes traveling in space.

The carrot probes are mechanical drones resembling carrots, first seen in episode Lexx 4.3 "P4X" where they infested Earth and set about inserting themselves into the bodies of mammals with intent of gathering "taste" data to transmit back to their carrot mothership so they could categorize what might be good to "eat" when they invaded the planet.

The carrots move over the ground using metallic stalk-like legs, however they are also occasionally seen flying through the air and traveling through space.

The probes infect the body of their host through the anus, much to the objection of the host. Once inside of a new human host, the probe travel to the brain and cause a third eye to sprout on the forehead. The probes are also able to control the thoughts and movements of its host.

In Lexx 4.23 "Lyekka vs Japan" the infestation of carrot probes was deactivated all over the world when the Lexx destroyed the carrot mothership.

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